Ophir third graders Sabine Hurlbut (left) and Pearl Goldberg show off their artwork, which will become part of a larger quilt. PHOTO COURTESY OF BSSD
Join the Great Kindness Challenge
“Have a nice day!” Those words, while seemingly simple, can really hit home for someone who could use some positivity. While “random acts of kindness” are welcome year-round, Big Sky School District teacher Erika Frounfelker is inviting Big Sky to expand its kindness quota by participating in the... Continue Reading


As growth continues in the shadow of Lone Mountain, how can Highway 64 keep up with the increased traffic?
Chiming in about how to improve Big Sky’s main street
When it comes to Highway 64, the stakes are high because it’s Big Sky’s one link to the outside world.  “If that road fails,” said David Kack, with... Continue Reading
Parsing the legalese from club dues to glasses of milk
Ted Turner’s horse MJ shot on Christmas Eve
Luxe opens shop in Big Sky
Why backcountry riders want to learn from Tom Thorn


GVSA will be having its annual Buck Ridge Fun Run on Saturday Jan. 27. Registration is from  8:00 a.m.–noon at the Buck Ridge parking lot, just south of the Corral Bar and Restaurant.  The cost for a single hand is $5. Come buy as many as you want. Half of the proceeds go to the Gallatin National... Continue Reading

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