Alex Omania has tickets stacked during one of her busy customer appreciation $10 nights at the Lotus Pad. PHOTO BY JANA BOUNDS
Montana women make major contribution to state
It can be argued that entrepreneurship by the women of Montana has been thriving for some time. Even in 1918, when women showed their power to organize and create change by pushing for prohibition, some renegade Montana ladies saw opportunity.  Cooking hooch in the kitchen was commonplace in some... Continue Reading


Board members Buz Davis and Sarah Blechta consult their calendars to plan for the next meeting.  PHOTO BY JANA BOUNDS
Resort Tax has first reading of amended taxability ordinance
As Big Sky greeted the first major snowstorm of the season on Oct. 9, Big Sky Resort Area District (Resort Tax) held its regular meeting at the Big... Continue Reading
BSFD earns a good report card in recent study
Resort Tax wades through lengthy workshop to revamp ordinance
A reminder to hunters
Multi-dimensional problems for wetland owner


Montana ranks as the state with the most female NICA student athletes. This is the celebratory photo. PHOTO BY JANA BOUNDS
Lone Peak Composite Team (LPCT) parents and supporters travel through the bitter cold on the slick roads of the canyon en route to Copper City Trails at 7 a.m. on Saturday, Oct. 6. Upon arrival, campers and tents housing competitors and families are scattered where the parking area meets the tall... Continue Reading

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