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A herd of runners charge out of the starting gates at the 5K in 2019. PHOTO COURTESY SARA MARINO

Get ready to run

Ready, set, go! The July 4 5K run is back in person this Sunday on July 4. Like many things in 2020 the 5K run put on by the BSCO was virtual last year. This year it is back on at the Big Sky Community Park. All proceeds will go towards helping the BSCO’s efforts to improve our community.

Join BSCO on Thursday, June 17 at 4 p.m. for Trail Ambassador training to get involved with the trails you love. COURTESY BSCO

Love trails?

“People can be divided into three groups: those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who wonder what happened. Showing up is 80% of life.” –WOODY ALLEN, US film actor, director, & writer, 1935-present

Approximately thirty volunteers and many generous donors helped make the May 20 Red Cliff Gun Range cleanup and target restoration a success. American Legion members are hopeful that future users will do their part to keep the range in good shape. PHOTO COURTESY MARK FISHER

On target

Many hands make light (and happy) work. Members of the American Legion, Sons of the Legion and Friends of the Red Cliff Gun Range held a group clean up and target restoration of the Red Cliff Gun Range on May 20. Approximately thirty people showed up to lend a hand.

The Big Sky Community Softball Fields have been a product of the community from the beginning. PHOTO COURTESY OF BSCO

Prepping the field

Longtime local Brian Wheeler once described how the softball fields came to be in Big Sky: Boyne donated the land, which at the time was a rocky field with weeds and large holes. Mary Wheeler drove a tractor donated by Steve Barrett around the field and neighborhood kids threw rocks into the loader bucket.

Big Sky kids show their love of Harbor deWaard during the 2020 Harbor’s Hero Run, an event that has taken place for the last seven years. PHOTO COURTESY HARBOR’S HERO RUN

Honoring Harbor

Harbor deWaard was an adorable little boy known for his sweet grin, his love of superheroes and wearing capes. The Big Sky community mourned when Harbor took ill. Throughout history there have always been viruses in the world, taking loved ones away long before Covid-19 inflicted its damage. Harbor was lost to one such quick-moving virus.


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