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Lone Peak High School Pep Band director invites community involvement

Dust off the old clarinet, get a new reed for the saxophone sitting in the corner of the closet, or find the old trumpet in the attic – and start practicing for next basketball season. Tim Sullivan, Big Sky School District music teacher is inviting community participation in the only pep band to exist at Lone Peak High School in recent memory. The pep band is an extension of the high school jazz band, Sullivan explained, and people had been requesting a pep band for some time. Finally, the jazz band became large enough to pilot the program – with the first performance at the home game against rivals West Yellowstone. 


Sullivan said there has been tremendous support for the effort so far, with teachers and staff performing with students. 


“We are playing the same songs in pep band I was playing in high school, but a lot of the songs were new songs [back then] because I am so old,” secretary and data specialist LaDawn LeGrande said. “I love being involved with the kids. It was really fun. They were really appreciative of the adults that played with the pep band – so that made it even more fun.” 


Athletic director and varsity Big Horns basketball coach John Hannahs said the pep band really fires him up and gets him excited for the game. It makes him fondly remember his own high school days. In his small Wyoming school, nearly all the students were in the band: When the varsity girls were battling on the court, the varsity boys were performing in the pep band in support – and vice versa. 


It is a great way to show community and school pride, he said. 


“We are looking at ways of developing this initiative further for next year's basketball season - the biggest thing we'll need to do is continue to support the growth of our high school band, which serves as the foundation for music as part of our school culture,” Sullivan said. 


The effort received overwhelmingly positive feedback this year, he said. 


“Students in the band expressed how much they enjoyed performing and supporting their peers, while community members commented on the energy this group brought to the game,” he said. 



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