A student-made poster to promote a good cause. PHOTO COURTESY KATE EISELE

LPHS National Honor Society food drive

A pie in the face reward

The Lone Peak High School National Honor Society held their first meeting for the launch of the LPHS “Thanksgiving in a Bag” fall food drive for the Big Sky Community Food Bank on Oct. 21. They had a working lunch in Dr. Kate Eisele’s classroom, so with lunch trays and laptops they hatched their plan. 

LPHS student Madison Rager regularly volunteers for the food bank and helped generate the idea for the club. 

“We were given a list of foods that were higher priority, but I think anything is helpful,” Evan Iskenderian said, noting that it is a good cause. 

Michael Romney said he thinks it is cool that they did that – suggesting specific foods “because you can imagine what the food is going to do for someone. If you give someone potatoes and stuffing, you can actually see that they are going to have Thanksgiving dinner.”

“Do you guys remember how many of every item we need?,” Dr. Eisele asked the students.  

Ivy Hicks referred to her spreadsheet and provided examples: 207 15 oz. cans of green beans and 145 stuffing mixes. 

“They’re going to put together approximately 150 of these Thanksgivings in a bag,” Dr. Eisele said. “That is potentially 150 families in this community who need help putting Thanksgiving dinner on the table. Is that more or less than you would have thought around here?”

That number surprised them, they said. They did not realize the need would be so great in this community. 

An assembly is planned for Friday, Nov. 22 to “show off all the food they have collected,” Eisele explained. There is a class competition going-on with the food drive, so whoever wins gets to pie the superintendent and the principal in the face.

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