The show was high energy, lots of fun and had fantastic choreography.

Big Sky students have talent

“High School Musical” performance a hit with Fabulous

The Warren Miller Performing Arts Center was greeted with the sound of basketballs, cheering and singing in Big Sky Broadway’s performance of “High School Musical” on April 5 and 6. It was the largest Big Sky Broadway production to date with 23 Big Sky High School cast and crew members. 

“I loved it way more than I thought I would,” Fabulous, who is a regular arts contributor for LPL said, “It was so impressive to see Big Sky kids all working together to put together such an impressive performance.” 

It was hard to pick favorite performances because everyone worked so hard. They all did an amazing job, Fabulous said. Two of his favorite parts were Ace Beattie’s body language and choreography and Emma Flach’s voice. 

Flach is a well-known vocal performer who has attended Interlochen, NYU and worked with the Crossing, explained Big Sky Broadway founding producer Barb Rowley. 

“I told Ace that if I do not see him performing on Broadway in a few years, I will be very disappointed,” Fabulous said. 

When Michael Romney was shooting baskets as a part of his role as Troy Bolton on Saturday night, the whole crowd cheered when he landed baskets. It was a real sense of community there – everyone coming together. 

Eight students changed characters from Friday to Saturday, Fabulous said. “Now that I’m looking at this, I’m just even more impressed, because I thought Emma [Flach] learned that one character, but now to learn that eight different students learned two different roles and performed them Friday and Saturday nights just impresses me more.” 

One of the cheerleaders even did a flip and landed in the splits, Fabulous said with awe in his voice. 

Support roles of the staff and crew also contributed to the great performance, Fabulous said. 

Everyone was amazing, he said. “I loved how even though it wasn’t perfect, they overcame the few minor mistakes so beautifully and fluidly.”

According to Rowley, Big Sky Broadway will present Matilda on June 21-22. 60 kids are enrolled for the production, which will include two shows of different casts and 30 kids each show. There will also be 10 student staff and interns.

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