Bobby Conte Thornton

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What a great way to start the Winter season at WMPAC. We had a Broadway musical star Bobby Conte Thornton perform. He is from New York and has been coming out to Big Sky to ski since he was two years old. The songs he performed were from his new debut album "Along the Way." His songs were very fun, uplifting and heartfelt.

He was accompanied by Broadway musical director James Sampliner on piano and Michael Steele on acoustic and electric bass. They were both excellent.

Some were there to see the show live in the theatre; I chose to stream it in the comfort of my own home later that evening.

Streaming it was actually a lot better than I had anticipated. They had five cameras in the theatre getting video from all different angles and zooming in on people's faces and their hands playing the piano or the bass.

"Our goal is...the viewer will leave that space and be more empathetic, less ignorant and more openhearted to have a conversation and think in a way they wouldn't have prior," Thornton said.

They really did achieve that.

The next show is Manual Cinema’s Christmas Carol, this Saturday, Dec. 12 at 6 p.m. You can order tickets to watch it live in the theatre at WMPAC.ORG Or you can order tickets to stream it at WMPAC.LIVE

Please keep enjoying the arts

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