Big Sky Police Reports


December 31, 2018

The driver of a Nissan Armada was unsure of their exact location but called deputies to report that they’d run into a snowbank and needed assistance getting out at around 9:20 a.m. They were able to drive away after some digging out.


A deputy met with a woman on Aspen Leaf Drive just after midnight on Dec. 12. The woman wished to report that she had been punched in the face and pushed down by another woman. However, she did not have any marks or redness on her face, and two witnesses stated that she had not been knocked down.

Police Blotter

Bumper cars

While assisting Montana Highway Patrol with a crash near Beehive Basin trailhead at 7 p.m. a deputy became stuck in the roadway and another vehicle slid into the squad car. A second trooper responded and conducted a report for the second crash.


March 6, 2018

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