Big Sky Resort

How many people visit Big Sky? Check out the available numbers and make your best guess.

Units of measurement

The available numbers detailing Big Sky’s tourism industry indicate it’s been a good winter. But when people ask Candace Carr Strauss with Visit Big Sky—“How many visitors does Big Sky attract?”—all Carr Strauss can do is guess. 

Ramcharger 8’s roomy bucket seats will zoom skiers and snowboarders up Andesite Mountain in comfort, shortening the current ride by two-thirds. According to Boyne Resorts President Stephen Kircher, each chair weighs 2,200 pounds and “costs more than a Porsche.” Photo Courtesy Big Sky Resort

North America’s first eight-seater chairlift, night skiing coming to town

Before announcing Big Sky Resort’s official upcoming moves in its 10-year plan, Taylor Middleton, Big Sky Resort general manager and president Taylor Middleton touched on another recent milestone - for the first time in its 45-year history, Big Sky Resort will exceed 500,000 skier visits by the end of this season.


Snow on the brain

Checking in with GNFAC 

Big Sky got blanketed over the past week, and while it’s deep out there, the good news is the slopes around us are mostly stable and open for backcountry business.  


35 tram laps in one day

Valentine’s Day began as just another aggressive ski day for 50-year-old Butte native Rob Leipheimer. Clouds continued to move in and visibility at the top of Big Sky Resort was more pea soup than blue bird, so there was hardly a wait in the tram line. 

Jumping back in time

Lou Ann Harris (left), daughter of Gus Raaum, the first CEO of Big Sky Resort presented Anne-Marie Mistretta and the Crail Ranch Homestead Museum (center) with a copy of “A Ski Jumper’s Life & Legacy,” a book she published about her father. 

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