Community Groups vs. Big Sky County Water and Sewer District 363

Ruling likely coming in the next couple of weeks

In early February Montana Rivers, Gallatin Wildlife Association, and Cottonwood Environmental Law Center – deemed “Community Groups'' filed a Motion for Preliminary Injunction, urging the United States District Court for the District of Montana to take action before May 1 to prevent the Big Sky County Water and Sewer District 363 (BSCWSD) from accepting any sewer hookups from new home construction and from irrigating the Meadow Village golf course with treated wastewater that contains nitrogen in a concentration greater than 10 mg/l, arguing the Community Groups’ concern of contamination of the Gallatin River.

BSCWSD legal counsel countered, arguing the district is in compliance with Montana Department of Environmental Quality guidelines and that halting irrigation would not be in the public interest and would risk causing the ponds to overflow, which would send treated wastewater directly into the Westfork of the Gallatin River. The hearing was held on March 16, but Judge Brian Morris did not rule from the bench. According to BSCWSD General Manager Ron Edwards he is anticipating a written order in the next couple of weeks.

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