It may not be a “Glamour Shot” but there is something glamorous about following through on goals. Once she entered her third decade, Katie Grice decided to run a marathon a year, and at 33 she’s currently prepping for a big one—in New York City.

Run, girl, run!

Big Sky Resort’s new director of sales, Katie Grice, is a self-proclaimed goal setter, and proud of it. So when she turned 30, she decided to tackle a marathon a year. Now 33, she’s raced in the Bozeman and Billings marathons. She hopes each helped prepare her for her fourth—the New York City Marathon.

Starting with a photo, Kovala said all the paintings she does come from personal experiences and memories.

Capturing Big Sky

Visitors and locals alike will likely recognize the colorful, Big Sky-themed watercolor cards sold all around town. But odds are good they wouldn’t recognize the artist behind the iconic images. Her name is Kathy Kovala—a 78-year-old artist who has been coming to Big Sky with her family for years, and she’d love to meet you. 

OBIT—Karen Crawford

Karen Crawford (known by her many loving nicknames: “Grandma Kay,” “Ethel” and “KK”) passed away of natural causes with her husband and daughters by her side on June 26, 2018. She went peacefully at home looking out onto the golf course where she built her life.

Letters to the editor

Williams will beat body slammer

Five minutes after I heard Kathleen Williams had announced her bid to replace Greg Gianforte in Congress, I called and gave her my full, unqualified and enthusiastic support.

Denise Wade and Andrea Saari—the guides behind the newly launched Big Sky Adventures & Tours.

A fresh set of eyes


If you ask Denise Wade what her favorite place in Yellowstone National Park is, she’d be hard pressed to tell you.  “If I told ya I’d have to kill ya,” she jokes, since as many know, favorite spots in the 2.2 million-acre park usually have the least people around. 


Why in the world would anyone get into the newspaper business these days?  

     We’ve been publishing the “new” Lone Peak Lookout since last December, and it’s time we told you why we’re back or why you might care.


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