COVID-19 Big Sky School District

Board meetingt Sunday March 15

The Big Sky School District facilities are closed effective Monday, March 16. Students will transition to online learning until further notice.

Dr. Dustin Shipman, superintendent of Big Sky School District (BSSD) said the district has taken a ton of proactive steps already to address coronavirus.

“We’ve put ourselves in a really good position to match what schools are doing across the country: come pick-up work when needed and when assigned, or transition to online learning,” he said.

"We have not been reactive at all. We knew what was coming and we knew we were in a good position to deal with it. We have devices for every single kid. We have kids who know how to manage those devices, we have teachers who know how to educate through those devices. They can take [learning] home and we have a plan to address those who do not have online access when the time comes.”

Since spring break just came to an end for BSSD, a letter was sent home.

“At this time, here in Big Sky, the trustees have not taken a decision to close the school, nor has the governor made that proclamation for the entire state. We have, however, taken numerous precautionary measures to limit the spread of the virus as well as proactive measures to ensure that we will be able to manage learning and teaching in the event a school closure becomes necessary,” Shipman wrote in a letter to parents.

He provided an updated list of BSSD activities to address Coronavirus:

Ensuring all 4th through 12th grade students and teachers have a device (Middle School students will be bringing home their devices today) in order to transition to a virtual environment when and if needed.

Ensuring that K-3 teachers are prepared to send home lessons and arrange virtual learning as needed. Ceasing large gatherings of students and community members on campus, including: WMPAC events, assemblies, public presentations and outside events. Cancelling, proactively, out of state travel for our 8th grade students in the future.

Closely monitoring the spread of the virus locally and statewide.
Implementing preventative strategies in the school. Please keep the following in mind as we work through this challenging time as a community:

If you have recently travelled out of the country or to high exposure areas, keep your student from school until the next steps are determined.
As always, please keep your student home if they are sick, especially if they exhibit signs of: flu, cold, fever. Please be patient. Patience, Calm and Flexibility in these situations is key to successfully navigating stressful times. (Updated March 19)

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