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Samantha Suazo, a Latina, receiving her Covid vaccine at the Big Sky Medical Center. PHOTO COURTESY SAMANTHA SUAZO

My vaccine experience

Two weeks ago I turned 18 and along with the excitement of this important date, there was better news. I was now eligible for the Covid-19 vaccine because I am Latina; in Montana Latinos and other people of color are priority groups for receiving the shots because we are more vulnerable to the virus.

Ophir Miners fifth and sixth grade team. PHOTO COURTESY MARA MITCHELL

Lone Peak School basketball wrap-up

Both Bighorn teams had to overcome an incredible amount of adversity this year. Both teams managed to achieve a lot of great things as well as representing their school honorably. They fought through every single game and repeatedly put forth performances that they could be proud of. Great work this season everyone.

Dillavou has worked in New York City restaurants Charlie Bird, Marea and Maysville, and opened a restaurant with friends in New Orleans before switching to Family Meal in 2020. PHOTO COURTESY OF PHILLIP DILLAVOU

Challenge accepted

Working in a restaurant at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic must have been wild.

With so much uncertainty and awaiting decisions that likely left a person without a job, the stress levels are incomprehensible. Having a baby around the same time would have been wild times a million.

Beer bottle buttons, an airplane bottle smile, a bucket with an innertube inflated around it for the hat are just a few examples of the group’s creativity. PHOTO BY JANA BOUNDS

Covid man

An imposing figure is tucked in a corner of Ramshorn View Estates – standing a full 10 feet tall with beer bottle buttons, an airplane bottle smile, and a corncob pipe made out of a Beehive Brewery crowler can. The colossal Covid Man raises his Willie’s Distillery bottle to the sky with his ski arm.

Hannah Johansen is one of the people who helped shape Big Sky. PHOTO BY JANA BOUNDS

Compassion is the way

Hannah Johansen has an ethereal quality; like she stepped from this world into another and returned with enhanced wisdom and kindness – which actually is accurate. There is a gentleness to her founded in the respect of others’ journeys, and much of that was crafted from the gauntlet life presented her from an early age.

Politics of a pandemic

It has been an interesting year of politics amidst a pandemic. Gov. Greg Gianforte (R-MT) decided to roll-back the statewide mask mandate created by former Democratic Gov. Steve Bullock, who termed-out and vied for a Senate seat.


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