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“Big Sky’s biggest name in politics”


Profile of U.S. Senate primary candidate Troy Downing, Feb. 15, 2018

• I’m sure Downing appreciated author David Madison’s choice to write such a glowing, uncritical article about him, and the Lone Peak Lookout’s decision to publish it. This guy is running for senate. I don’t care if he paraglides. I don’t care if he ran a bear out of his house. Tell me in detail (not short, vague asides) what his policy positions are, who is financing his campaigns, which voters he is appealing to and what lawsuits are filed against him. This is a man trying to govern our country and make huge, life-changing decisions for its citizens. News journalists publishing stories under the “news” section should be helping to inform voters about a candidate’s policy, not writing literary pieces on their persona and outdoor adventures.

• The biggest name in politics? Really? Just because we have no other name, I suppose. Also, if Troy is so concerned about local politics, he should start his political career locally in Big Sky. Serve on a board. Run for county commission. As a senate candidate, he has absolutely NO influence on local politics. But no, this is a guy who has to start in politics at the TOP, after living in a gated community in Montana. Hmmm.

• A true renaissance man, but I bailed out after “I look at [Trump’s] agenda and I struggle to find something I disagree with.” Really, not a single thing?

• I don’t care if he’s the love child of Superman and Wonder Woman. If he in any way supports Trump or the Trump agenda, that’s a NO from me. Period.

• What a joke, another twit that thinks his money will get him support. Anyone who lives at the YC does not represent the majority and is just “living the dream.”

• Nice fluff piece for an out-of-state resident with almost double-digit charges against him for hunting violations.

• The guy’s kind of a badass. Have you read his bio/background?

• He volunteered for overseas military service immediately post 9/11 as an independently wealthy man.

• Not impressed. He fixed helicopters. Good service, but not a hero. Now he is trading on nebulous descriptions of what he used to do.

“Three hotels proposed in Moonlight”


Look at Moonlight Basin’s overall development plan, Feb. 15, 2018

• Hold on now, apparently, or at least by (Lone Mountain Land Company’s Kevin Germain’s) math, “the three new hotels could eventually reach 50 percent annual capacity?” ....Of course he’s ignoring the 2,000 other places in Big Sky, (also with an occupancy average of 20-30 percent), people could stay instead.

• Other highlights from this article: Moonlight’s had three owners since 2007... Plus, “amoebas,” “islands of development” and “conservation communities” are now greenwashing-vocabulary, we should all be on the lookout for going forward.

“Arts Council of Big Sky welcomes Butterfield home”


Press release about public art coming to Town Center, Feb. 15, 2018

• That’s nice. Where will the Wilson Hotel employee housing facility be located?

•  And are they putting in the turning lanes? Can’t build anymore until that gets done!

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