Steen and Russell Mitchell pictured in front of the iconic Oscar Mayer Wienermobile when it visited Big Sky. The Wienermobile has a history dating back to 1936. PHOTO COURTESY OF CAROL COLLINS

Hot dog!

Oscar Mayer Weinermobile visits Big Sky

Carol Collins has some connections to some big dogs – the folks behind a big hot dog. Noting that recent news has been a bit of a soggy bun, she thought it might be nice to invite the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile to visit Big Sky as a break from the pandemic, politics and fires.

As the aunt of 2019 hotdogger Cameron “Honey Baked Cam” Callanan, Collins got on the phone and rang Maggie “Mustard Mags” Thomas, a recent grad of Oscar Mayer Hot Dog High, and invited her to Big Sky.

Before long, a 27-foot-long hot dog started winding its way south on Highway 191. Mustard Mags said that part of the coursework at Hot Dog High is maneuvering through obstacle courses with the Wienermobile. So, she was prepared and happy to make the journey.

To the people who came to visit the Wienermobile in Big Sky, she says, “Franks a bunch for the warm welcome!”

After two months of covering over 4,000 miles with her partner Zach “Zach ‘n’ Cheese” Chatham, she said the reactions in Big Sky were the best she had seen on the road.

Two of those visitors were 10-year-old Steen and nearly 8-year-old Russell Mitchell.

Russell said he thought it was pretty funny to see a giant hot dog.

“I just wished they served hot dogs,” he said.

Steen noted that seeing a giant hot dog driving down the road was a bit weird. “I just really can’t explain it,” he said.

Hot Dog High graduates also do some team bonding exercises and learn the history of the company.

“We really need joy. It’s a hard time for everyone. It’s important for them to see something that makes them smile. After the Great Depression the Oscar Mayer Wienermobiles kept going and I think it is important to keep that rolling during these hard times,” Mustard Mags said.

As for Zach ‘n’ Cheese, he had a big moment beside the big hot dog in Yellowstone National Park – he popped the question to his girlfriend.

“It took her by surprise, because she didn’t expect me to do it right in front of the Wienermobile,” he said, but he was quick to point-out the romance of it: “Having an American icon like that, the longevity of the vehicle can represent the longevity of your relationship in marriage.”

She said yes.

Now, thanks to Zach ‘n’ Cheese’s big move beside the big hot dog beneath the big blue sky of Yellowstone, Oscar Mayer is offering a promotion – people intent on getting hitched can request the Wienermobile.

“If they just type in wiener mobile requests, it should pop up. Just put engagement or proposal in the key words,” Mustard Mags said.

As people uniquely positioned to make others smile, the duo takes the job seriously.

“Some people have been down in the dumps, so we bring joy and bring people together – from a distance and with masks on,” Zach N’ Cheese said.

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