Jana Bounds (right) met Sabine Klein (center) and her husband Martin Wedl at Joshua Tree National Park.

Jana Bounds interviewed on WBUR, Boston's NPR News Station

Five-part mental health series discussed

Listen to Lone Peak Lookout's own Jana Bounds share the heartfelt "story behind the story" on "Kind World" by talented producer, Yasmin Amer. She is featured alongside Steve Hartman with CBS Evening News. This moving experience instigated Jana's journalistic deep dive into the suicide series that was originally published by LPL in the spring of 2019. The five-part mental health series by Jana is included in individual links below.

WBUR Interview: https://www.wbur.org/kindworld/2020/04/21/feeling-lost

Part One: http://lonepeaklookout.com/news/suicide-uncomfortable-necessary-conversa...

Part Two: http://lonepeaklookout.com/news/studying-science-behind-suicide

Part Three: http://lonepeaklookout.com/news/promise-made-after-crippling-loss

Part Three, continued: http://lonepeaklookout.com/news/suicide-part-iii-continued

Part Four: http://lonepeaklookout.com/news/suicide-series-part-four

Part Five: http://lonepeaklookout.com/news/suicide-series-part-5-confronting-crisis 

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