Endeavor Ballooning Senior Pilot Colin Graham—pictured here firing “the burner”—takes his balloon for a quick solo off-season mission on the morning of April 10. He partners with Big Sky Build, who takes clients to the sky. Graham also offers three-hour sunrise trips to the public in Big Sky for $295 per person and Bozeman for $250. Why fly early in the morning? Sun up is when surface air is at its calmest and visibility is typically good, especially during the summer. Call (406) 600-8999 or email montanaballoon@gmail.co

Not a good spot for...fetch

There’s not a lot of room and chasing a stick up here isn’t a good idea, but that’s not a problem for Albert Gallatin—or Alby—a 10-month-old English cocker spaniel who flew recently over Big Sky accompanied by his nearly identical brother, Jim Bridger. They’re the official mascots of Endeavor Ballooning. 


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