A photo shared by Big Sky County Water and Sewer District general manager Ron Edwards at the board meeting shows water flowing from test well 2 on the mountain. PHOTO BY JANA BOUNDS

Water on the mountain

Promising results in the drilling of test wells

The quest for water on the mountain was pursued with vigor by Big Sky County Water and Sewer District (BSCWSD) in early October in an effort to track the potential for usable water at a strong enough flow to prepare for the impending growth of Big Sky. The board is being proactive and so far, the results are positive. 

“[It was a] busy month with that project. We got two wells drilled, BSCWSD general manager Ron Edwards told board members at the Oct. 15 meeting. Potts Drilling drilled test wells 1 and 2. 

“Test well 1, drilled to 820 feet was up by the Cascade water tank [and] found water, but not enough to develop as new public water well,” Edwards state in the General Manager’s Report. 

Production was not strong enough in Well 1 to merit water testing, water superintendent Jim  Muscat explained to the board. 

Well 2 saw much better results, Edwards and Muscat said. 

“Test well 2 was drilled to 620 feet [and] proved to be much better as an initially free flowing artesian well at 35 gallons per minute. It flowed for the first few days and has since quit flowing, but has a static water level close to the surface,” Edwards’ General Manager’s Report stated. 

Muscat said that by the time drilling was done on test well 2, the water was flowing up to 200 gallons per minute.

“Results are fairly decent, there is some iron in it, but so far no arsenic,” Muscut said. “Treatment will be a big part of this. We are in the initial stages, but we have found some water, so that is good news.” 

It’s on a good path at this point, Edwards said.

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