Only a few weeks into his tenure, Yellowstone National Park Superintendent Cameron Sholly has traveled from Cody to Jackson to West Yellowstone and recently to Big Sky to learn what issues Yellowstone’s gateway communities hope to address.

Park talks

With just less than a month under his belt as the newly appointed superintendent of Yellowstone National Park, Cameron “Cam” Sholly was able to shave out some time to pay a visit to Big Sky on Nov. 15.     

Literally not in my backyard—the NIMBYism is built in for those living in South Bozeman (pictured). Beyond their discomfort with the proximity of proposed clearcutting, those opposed make the broader point that, “Commercial logging should never have been proposed for this pristine area. Being this close to Bozeman, which is quickly losing open space, it is uniquely valuable for its wildlife habitat and security."

Lessons from Limestone Creek

The Limestone Creek area along the Gallatin Front is the last big swath of scenic roadless area prominently visible from Bozeman and its fate might be instructive to Big Sky residents interested in future planning for the entire Custer Gallatin National Forest. 

RJ and his bull.

On the hunt

My first bull ever! This bull elk was harvested on public lands with the help of a few good friends. As the memories of this hunt have danced in my mind more than I would like to admit, it was a “textbook” hunt. All variables fell into place. We made the right decisions at the right times. We called him to 10 yards, and I took him with my bow.

U.S. Navy Veteran Andrew Jackson salutes during an a capella performance of the “Star Spangled Banner” at the LPHS Veterans Day Assembly held on the afternoon of Nov. 12. Jackson served 24 years of active duty in the military, starting with the Army and moving on to Naval pilot training, flying Lockheed P-3 planes.

Thank a veteran

U.S. Air Force Academy Cadet Tate Tatum admitted he was a little nervous as he addressed the crowd gathered in the Lone Peak High School gymnasium during the annual Veterans Day Assembly.

Captain Mitch Hamel and Firefighters John Foster, Mike Ketschek, Dave Parker and Seth Nowlin left Big Sky Sunday morning,  arriving in California late that evening to assist with the fires there.  They will be part of three Montana strike teams,  deployed for a little over two weeks.

Heading back to Cali

It was just under a year ago that Big Sky Fire Department firefighters hopped into BSFD Engine 1241, off to lend a hand controlling the massive fires ravaging the state. This week, when the call came once more to join in the most recent firefighting effort in Southern California, firefighters didn’t hesitate to sign up.

Does housing in Big Sky feel especially out of reach this time of year?

Good luck

Looking at the Big Sky housing market, the fundamentals are fairly easy to understand. Supply is low, demand is high. And with the ski season on the horizon, property management companies are again seeing an influx of people unsuccessfully in search of housing.

“Moose Pair,” a steel sculpture by Jim Dolan, 1988. This cow moose and her calf made the move from the Canyon to Ousel Falls this summer in the hopes they’ll be admired by more motorists and park users.

Wild public art

Sure, Big Sky’s got plenty to boast about when it comes to its aesthetically-pleasing attributes. From meadows with meandering, crystal clear creeks to mountains topped by snow-capped peaks, wildflowers with enough color to fill the spectrum, and resident wildlife great and small.

Samantha Suazo

Big Horn of the Week

Ninth-grader Samantha has been described by teachers and students as a genuinely positive and kind person. She is always willing to help where help is needed. Her hard work ethic is evident through her ability to learn English is less than four years, and she is often seen translating for classmates, creating a more inspiring classroom climate.

(L to R) Firefighters Shane Farmer, Taylor Lee, and Deputy Chief Dustin Tetrault are easing into their new positions at the Big Sky Fire Department.

Meet the new guys

The Big Sky Fire Department recently welcomed two new firefighters and a deputy chief to the team. Here’s a quick intro to the “newbies.” Be sure to give them a warm Big Sky welcome if you see them around town!

Dustin Tetrault, Deputy Chief of Community Risk Management 


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