Aerial view of a WSA in the Gravelly Range.

Wilderness from the sky

In an ongoing effort to generate public support for a number of local Wilderness Study Areas, the Montana Wilderness Association organized a flyover of various WSAs located south of Big Sky on July 9. The flyover was made possible by the generous donation of flight time in a Cessna 210 operated by EcoFlight out of Colorado.

John Hannahs.

Pack the bleachers!

John Hannahs was playing pickup basketball a couple months back when he felt  a  jolt of pain shoot through his leg. He’d ruptured his Achilles tendon, an injury that took him off the court but did not              sideline his enthusiasm for community athletics.

Hailing from Seattle, the Polyrhythmics arrive in Big Sky following a show in Carnation, Wash. and then on to Victor, Idaho.

Band of plenty

Lone Peak Lookout: Getting an eight-piece band together must be quite the task. Could you describe how Polyrhythmics came to be? And why the band works so well together? 

A moment of levity while fighting YNP fires in 1988.

Burned into memory

In late June of 1988, I had ridden into the high country near Haystack Peak north of Yellowstone with a group of Montana State University professors to photograph their study on the grasses of the high alpine meadows.


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