Great Scott!

Many are familiar with the classic F. Scott Fitzgerald novel detailing the tumultuous Jay Gatsby, a self-made millionaire who passionately pursues an elusive married woman, drawing an outsider into their world of obsession, greed and danger.

NorthWestern Energy hasn’t made a decision about the location and type of substation it will build, but the company sees a lot of upside in a low-profile traditional substation, pictured here in a rendering of the Midway site.

Substation evaluation

Looking to flip the breaker on the public’s perception of plans for a new mid-mountain substation, NorthWestern Energy invited Big Sky residents to the Warren Miller Performing Arts Center on April 11 for a presentation by company representatives, an engineer working on the project and a professional facilitator from Montana State University. 

Howie Robin accepts the Bartoszek Scholarship for a Scholar Athlete from Lydia and Ray Bartoszek and the Spanish Peaks Community Foundation Scholarship from John Haas. Robin was still deciding where to head to school, either in Colorado or Washington for political science or journalism. He’s currently working with his family to organize his father, Mark  Robin’s, extensive writing, preparing the words for publication. Mark  passed away in December, 2017 from ALS.

Funding our future

Some students were chosen for their prowess on the stage. Others, for their athletic success on the field, or their community service in developing countries. They’ll go off around the U.S. to study environmentalism, marine transportation, journalism, community service and much more.

Cooke City takes the cake for April 8 snow water equivalent levels while Lone Mountain pulls up the rear. The depths are tracked by NRCS STOTEL (snow telemetry) stations that measure water content, snow depth and more. One inch of snow water equivalent equals about a foot of snow.

Lone Mountain on track for record-breaking snow year

If you listen to ski stories from longtime Big Sky locals, you’ll hear of the fabled winter of 1996-97—the season the powder just wouldn’t quit. Official snow records back up the claim it was the “best winter ever” in terms of snowfall. And now, the opinion that this winter has been the snowiest since then is backed up by snow data as well. 


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