Jaiden Spence

Miner of the Week: Jaiden Spence

Throughout the year, eighth-grader Jaiden Spence has been a caring and principled student. She is considerate of the feelings of others and has demonstrated compassion to her peers. She is enthusiastic about learning and remains humble in the classroom. Thanks for being such a great role model Jaiden. 



The 11 Johnson children span in age from 24 years old to six years old. Nine of them recently skied Big Sky with their parents.

A family affair

A mountain resort community sees every kind of person imaginable: politicians, business leaders, powder hounds speaking a multitude of different languages and self-proclaimed “dirt bags” and “ski bums.” 

Doyle Ranstrom and his wife are residents of Montana and have owned a residence in Big Sky since 2004. Ranstrom is a Certified Financial Planner® and has a financial planning consulting firm. He sold the wealth management firm he founded at the end of 2016. Check out his website, for more, and check back with the Lookout in the coming weeks as he continues his guest column full of local insight.

Guest Opinion

Several years ago, I embarked on a bicycle ride across the country and posted a daily blog. One of those blogs was a reflection on the invisible people in our lives. The people we come across in our day-to-day experiences that go unnoticed unless we are unsatisfied with our interaction with them.

Paul and Kim Cameron make the most of the days they have together. Paul is suffering from a failing liver, and with a transplant out of the question, each day is a blessing for the Big Sky couple.

A lasting bond

In the telling of a love story it’s common to start at the beginning – or sometimes the end. In this case, it would be an injustice to Paul and Kim Cameron to begin anywhere other than where they are right at this moment – by sharing wisdom gleaned from decades with each other and in this community. 

Gallatin County Commissioners officially amended this document to allow the Saunders Advertising Inc. billboard, which was erected before these regulations were put in place, to stay in place.

The sign stays

Despite officially submitted protests from 29 qualified landowners in the North Gallatin Canyon Zoning District, Gallatin County Commissioners finalized their decision on Feb. 26 to allow a billboard owned by Saunders Outdoor Advertising, Inc to stay put.


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