On the night of Oct. 24 and the morning of the Oct. 25 the Auroras showed up at the Cottontail Observatory in Twin Bridges, Montana. The photograph was taken by at about 2 a.m. on tbe 25th. had predicted their appearance the night of the Oct. 24. PHOTO COURTESY JOE WITHERSPOON

Seeking the stars

All America lies at the end of the wilderness road, and our past is not a dead past, but still lives in us. Our forefathers had civilization inside themselves, the wild outside. We live in the civilization they created, but within us the wilderness still lingers.

Grizzlies seen on the National Elk Refuge, which includes elk and bison hunting areas. PHOTO BY TURE SCHULTZ/USFWS


In Sept. 1975, four populations of grizzly bears were listed as threatened under the Endangered Species Act (ESA). This designation implied the species was likely to become endangered in the “foreseeable future.” One of these populations existed in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem (GYE).

The race question

The census only happens once every ten years and the data received from the count goes towards funding communities, shaping political districts and defining demographics. Thus, obtaining an accurate count is crucial. This article, part two in a three-part series, explores the race and ethnicity questions in the census.

See you in September?

Carly Wilson is the Lone Peak Lookout’s Student Reporter. Born and raised in Big Sky, Carly will be a Junior at LPHS in the fall. The Lookout’s Student Reporter position is a Big Sky Youth Corps’ funded placement.

This picture was taken during a ride at the top of the Michener loop open to the public last week. Berms, or a banked turn, are included in the flow trails. PHOTO COURTESY KEELY LARSON


The Big Sky Community Organization (BSCO) is making progress on their Master Trails plan developed in 2017. Early priorities include connections to Big Sky Resort and the Spruce Cone trail. Priority was determined by public surveys.


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