The Big Picture

Big Sky Resort unveiled its initiative, the Big Picture, to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2030. The plan to accomplish this encompasses four major components and includes accountability-holding actions in and out of the Resort. “It really means that we’re taking responsibility for our impact.

Big Sky Fire Department Chief William Farhat and his wife Mindy Cummings enjoy a day trip to the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone this past summer. PHOTO COURTESY WILLIAM FARHAT

Trading snow for sunshine

She grew up in Florida; he grew up in Michigan. She is not your typical attorney and he is not your run-of-the-mill fire chief. Big Sky brought them together – and their individual contributions to the community may never fully be grasped. 

State Sen. Pat Flowers visited with constituents in Big Sky to better understand the needs in his district. PHOTO COURTESY CANDACE CARR STRAUSS

Town hall in Big Sky

There is an uncommon approachability to Montana politicians. When the legislature is in session, the reserved parking for legislators at the state capital regularly houses a handful of old beat-up farm trucks. Many legislators are proudly generationally linked to the state they serve.


Photo of slide triggered by Big Sky Resort Ski Patrol Snow Safety on the South Face, Marx Run. PHOTO COURTESY J.C. KNAUB

Mitigating danger

Early ski season is typically a little more technical for the folks responsible for snow safety. Using data analysis and strategic, careful work, they tame the mountain as best as possible for the safety of the skiing/ snowboarding public. 


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