Cheers to correcting record

Cheers to correcting record

After stopping and warning a driver on Gallatin Road for making a questionable pass near Portal Creek, a deputy went back to the scene and determined the man had actually made a legal pass. The deputy called him back and apologized for pulling him over.  

April 3, 2018


A 911 call with a possible location in the Big Sky area was actually coming from Florida.


A property manager accidentally set off a sprinkler system alarm at a Wildridge Fork home at around 3 p.m.


A motorist was stopped and warned for making an illegal pass on Lone Mountain Trail at 5:35 p.m. It was later determined that the vehicle had to make the pass because the other motorist was stopped.


April 4, 2018


A soda delivery man found the back door of a Village Center Lane business open, setting off the burglar alarm just after 8 a.m.


Bighorn sheep in the roadway were causing problems on Lone Mountain Trail at 9 a.m.


Resort security asked a deputy to speak with a man who was highly intoxicated the night before at a hotel. A deputy checked on the man just before 11 a.m. and he reported he had consumed too much alcohol and had to be assisted to his room by security.


A driver was warned at 11 a.m. for failing to use turnouts while traveling on a highway since they were not going the speed limit and there were four or more vehicles behind them.


A delivery truck driver who was blocking three parking spots with their truck on Black Eagle Road was given options by a deputy to mitigate the situation.


Two metal fencing panels were reportedly stolen from a horse business in the past month. They were being used to keep elk out of a haystack. The reporting party stated they may have surveillance video and that it’s also possible someone may have “borrowed” the panels. 


An assault involving an employee reportedly took place at a Gallatin Road bar the night before. The victim reported the issue but did not wish to pursue charges.


A woman was stopped and advised after a deputy witnessed a mattress tied to the top of her car that was very close to falling off. She re-secured the mattress and continued on her way.


April 5, 2018


The man who reported the theft of metal fencing panels updated a deputy—the panels had been located and he no longer needed assistance.


A power employee who was involved in an altercation six weeks ago—in which a Gallatin Road homeowner shot a rifle out of their back door—requested a civil standby when they reattempted to shut the power off.


People camping in their vans at the Community Park were warned and instructed to move on just before midnight. 


Two motorists were fixing flat tires on Gallatin Road after striking a rock at around 2:40 p.m.


A man who had been evicted from employee housing was seen on security cameras at the Mountain Lodge.


April 6, 2018


A flash drive with surveillance footage was returned to its owner.


A mother called to report her son had lost his state ID on the mountain and requested a report from a deputy so the son could fly home.


After becoming angry at another motorist at around 5:45 p.m., an angry driver followed the motorist, ending up at an apartment where the angry man threatened the other man with a gun. The victim did not wish to press charges.


A false elevator alarm went off at Ophir School just before 8:30 p.m.


An intoxicated man was trying to get into an ambulance at 9 p.m. 


A man willingly left an employee parking lot when asked to by a deputy at 11:30 p.m. after he was seen by a citizen camping in his car and urinating nearby.


April 7, 2018


Very large rocks slid onto and were blocking both lanes of Gallatin Road near Cascade Creek just before 5 a.m. 


A Florida man lost his ID.


A deputy removed bighorn sheep from Gallatin Road at 12:50 p.m.


A deputy learned a person they were attempting to serve civil papers to had moved out of Montana.


April 8, 2018


A heavily intoxicated man called 911 just before 1 a.m., but could not tell dispatchers where he was, except that he could see a tree. Big Sky Resort security assisted, the man made it back to his room and he was ok, but “over the toilet.”


An intoxicated male customer at Big Sky Resort would not leave and was trying to steal things at around 12:30 a.m. The man, who was wearing a grizzly t-shirt and a backwards hat, became angry and tried to fight people before leaving on foot headed towards Montana Jack.


Just before 2 a.m. a caller reported that her 23-year-old friend went to the bathroom an hour and a half ago and had not yet returned. The woman was eventually found in a commercial building passed out in the basement. She was evaluated by medical personnel and released to a sober party.


After noticing a water leak and removing drywall, a caller discovered an electrical fire at around 4 p.m. on Sitting Bull Road. They were able to put it out.


A lost dog was returned to its owner.


April 9, 2018


The driver of a black sedan with front-end damage left the vehicle on Lone Mountain Trail and fled the scene just before 1 a.m.


A caller did not stop when they witnessed a man waving his arms trying to get someone’s attention on Gallatin Road at around 4 p.m. A deputy learned there was a vehicle off the roadway over a bank and that all occupants were OK.

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