Best of the Blotter

A person got cussed-out for driving too slow in the canyon.

In areas with low cell service, a text message may be sent to 911 in case of emergency.


January 22, 2020



A burglar alarm was responded to.

A patrol check was conducted.

A subpoena was picked up and civil papers were served.

A traffic stop was conducted.

A deputy conducted a walkthrough of the Resort.

A person got cussed-out for driving too slow in the canyon.

A truck had almost been in four head-on collisions in two miles.

A patrol check of the Horse Butte area was conducted.


January 23, 2020


A deputy discussed family issues with a caller.

A patrol check was conducted.

An abandoned vehicle was discussed.

A person tried to break into the caller’s house. This is the fourth time they have tried.

A deputy responded to a two-vehicle, non-injury crash.

A black shuttle van was “hauling ass.”

A deputy stopped a driver without taillights on.

Civil papers were attempted to be served.

A guest at the Summit Hotel passed out a couple of times.

A man who was high and lost was located and taken to the hospital.


January 24, 2020


A woman wanted an update about a suicidal situation.

A vehicle stalled and blocked both traffic lanes.

A temporary order of protection was served.

A deputy was unable to locate a reckless driver.

A deputy responded to a structural fire.

A burglar alarm was responded to.

A customer on a bus was ‘intoxicated and out of it.’


January 25, 2020


 Two portable breath tests were administered.

A reckless driving report led to a deputy finding the driver with a small amount of marijuana in his possession.

A man was sleeping in his truck on Spanish Peaks property and wouldn’t leave.

A woman reported numerous threat attempts to a deputy, including stolen food and online scams.

A drunk man behaving belligerently was asked to leave. After he didn’t, a deputy intervened.


January 26, 2020


An intoxicated person passed out at the wheel and drove the vehicle into a snowbank. They were not on the scene when deputies arrived.

Person from above called the office and asked about the truck stuck in the snowbank.

A person was life-flighted from the Resort.

A vehicle got stuck in a ditch.


January 27, 2020


A patrol check was conducted.

A vehicle lost control, drove off the road and got stuck in a snowbank.

A person had questions about a protection order.

A person with a broken leg was yelling for help and was aided by Search and Rescue.

A woman reported a hit and run.

A driver got stuck in traffic on Lone Mountain Road.

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