Blotter: April 23-29, 2019

Highlights from Big Sky's calls for service
That wasn't very nice! Around 9 p.m., a caller reported that a man “came in” and punched him, and left.

April 23, 2019 

Shortly after midnight, a caller reported having been “beat up” by the caller’s roommate. A deputy reported to the scene, where the roommates reported each side of the story to the deputy. Both parties agreed to retreat to their own rooms and go to sleep. 

Around 8 a.m., a deputy attempted contact to the owner of an illegally parked vehicle to request that it be moved. 

A deputy returned a call to an individual who wanted to report an early morning road rage incident. The individual reports they will file a written complaint and provide the officer with video evidence. 

A deputy served civil papers on an individual, mid-morning, 

A caller reported finding skis, a jacket and a wallet on the side of the road, thinking it suspicious. Attempts to reach the property owner were not productive. Sherriff’s Office will hold the property until claimed. 

Close to noon, a caller reported that someone had vandalized a car, believing that it happened on Saturday night. The reporting caller could not be reached by deputies, and messages were left. 

A motorist was stopped for speeding on Blue Spruce Way, and a warning was issued. 

An individual stopped by the Big Sky Office to report that his rig had been backed into earlier in the month, and that the backer-into has failed to respond to the insurance company’s requests. 

A traffic crime was reported when a caller reported that her vehicle was damaged while in the parking lot. She reports that it appeared that the building was also hit during the incident. Attempts to reach the caller met her voicemail. 

A deputy conducted a trailer VIN inspection. 

A deputy spoke with a caller about an abandoned vehicle on private property. 

April 24, 2019 

A deputy conducted a VIN inspection around 9 a.m. 

A deputy spoke with a caller who wanted to know if is he is legally able to carry a concealed firearm while hiking in Big Sky. Deputy advised so long as he has not been convicted of a violent felony, a permit is not needed. 

A motorist was given a warning for a moving violation and registration violation. 

A deputy spoke with a female who inquired whether or not a private HOA is allowed to put a sticker on her car. 

A 911 hang up call was returned to find there was no emergency 

A caller reported having found an ID at a local trailhead. Deputy to attempt to find the owner. ID was from England. 

April 25, 2019 

A deputy assisted pre-trial services by administering portable breath test. 

Close to noon, a deputy was dispatched to a 911 hang up call. Turns out there were issues with the phone lines at a construction site and there was no emergency. 

Caller reports that a friend damaged his vehicle recently, and had committed to paying for repairs, but has changed their mind. 

April 26, 2019 

A caller reported that there was someone bragging about driving home from work while drunk. 

A deputy responded to a call from a young lady whose parents are in a custody battle. Mother was reached by deputy, father could not be reached. Deputy to stay on site until daughter is picked up. 

April 27, 2019 

Alarm notification received on Lone Peak Drive. Building was clear. 

A caller reported a theft of a piece of his trailer. Apparently the item was returned. 

A caller reported that a tenant had caused intentional damage to an apartment. The tenant was reportedly in process of being evicted. Tenant reports no knowledge of the incident. Damage was reportedly caused by an open water valve only accessible from the tenant’s apartment. Deputy advised both parties that an intentional criminal act could not be proven and that the issue would need to be pursued in criminal court. 

A deputy responded to a report of a male lying on the highway and screaming. The subject had left the scene by the time the officer had arrived. 

April 28, 2019 

A deputy responded to a residential burglar alarm. The deputy checked the scene, determining that the resident entered the garage door lawfully. Residence was secure. 

A breath test for court services was conducted at the Big Sky Office. 

A deputy spoke with a caller regarding custody issues earlier reported to the Sherriff’s Office. Caller wanted to know what he could and could not do. 

A return call was made to a caller who’d wanted deputy assistance to have the water turned back on at her rental unit. 

A trailer VIN inspection was conducted. 

April 29, 2019 

A caller requested a breathalyzer test. A deputy conducted the test for court services. 

Must be court day, as a deputy met a second request for a breathalyzer test for court services. 

A motorist was stopped and warned for speeding. 

A caller reported that they’d lost their wallet and some other personal items after falling in a Big Sky parking lot. 

A deputy assisted a caller who was looking for information on a vehicle crash earlier in the year. The caller was referred to the MHP. 

A caller reported a possible sexual abuse case. Information was gathered to be forwarded to the appropriate agency. 

A Toyota 4Runner was towed from the Ousel Falls Trailhead. A caller called to report that the vehicle is not being stolen, but that they have the title to that outfit. 

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