Blotter: February 18-24, 2019

Highlights from Big Sky's calls for service
What’s mine is not yours: A man who had been using his former employee’s trailer to store tools reported that the employee took the trailer from a job site, did not notify anyone, did not return his tools and was not responding to phone calls. A deputy spoke with the former employee who agreed to return the tools that were not under a dispute of ownership. The owner of the tools was advised by the deputy, that unless he had proof a tool was his and had not been returned, that the issue would become a civil one.

February 18, 2019

A deputy picked up a written statement form for a case investigation just before 10 a.m. 

A disabled Chevy truck that was leaking fuel was parked alongside a Big Sky roadway. The owners contacted deputies because the roadside assistance program for the vehicle would not send a tow until law enforcement deemed it safe to do so. 

The Big Sky School District resource officer performed a walk-through of the middle and high schools beginning at around 11:15 a.m. and the elementary school at 12:15 p.m.

A caller lost their bag which contained clothes and a pillow while headed to the airport from the Yellowstone Club, possibly at Roxy’s Market. 

At 1:20 p.m. a caller was hoping to reach a deputy who participated in the Polar Plunge on Saturday; none were on duty at the time.

A phone that was lost in Big Sky was tracked to the Belgrade area. The phone was eventually located at Montana Linen Supply; it had been picked up with dirty laundry. 

Montana Highway Patrol requested deputy assistance with a traffic stop on Lone Mountain Trail in which marijuana was discovered. The deputy determined the driver was not impaired by the drug.

A deputy responded to a criminal mischief complaint on Big Pine Drive at 8:20 p.m. in which a frequent bar patron had smashed windows and was threatening people. Medical response was requested as the patron had lacerations on his hand. The bar owner will be pressing charges.

February 19, 2019

A deputy attempted to locate the “run” vehicle involved in a hit-and-run for another department.

February 20, 2019

A white Dodge drove onto a ski trail and was stuck in the snow at 7 a.m. Canyon Auto advised that the vehicle was 350 feet down the trail and they could not access it, so a Big Sky Resort grooming machine was used later in the afternoon to pull it out. 

A representative of the Big Sky Chamber of Commerce had questions about the role of the Gallatin County Sheriff’s Office in the Big Sky area. 

The Big Sky School District resource officer spoke with school officials about a safety and security plan for the schools.

February 21, 2019

A caller reported seeing someone sitting in a snowbank on the side of Lone Mountain Trail at around 3:30 a.m. 

A deputy followed up with a bar owner regarding a theft that occurred last week, returning a flash drive with surveillance footage.

A deputy spoke with a property manager regarding two tenants who are having ongoing issues.

A man who said he had kicked a dog in self-defense spoke to a deputy about the incident. He reported he had taken his friend’s dog cross-country skiing, and while attempting to put a leash on the dog, it bit him. He said he then kicked the dog in self-defense before successfully leashing it and returning it to its owner. The owner, who a deputy will speak to, was upset because the dog was injured.

A man was bitten on the hand by his neighbor’s dog while he was outside his home on Golden Stone Lane. His hand was bleeding and he was unsure if he wanted to press charges. 

February 22, 2019

A woman reported that her husband had installed equipment at a Big Sky business but the check they received for payment bounced. She said her husband wants to return to the business to take the equipment back. A deputy advised that he should not go back there without permission from the property owner, and that they should contact the person who issued the check to see if there was a mistake. The wife was notified that checks written for accounts that do not have funds are normally referred directly to the Gallatin County Attorney’s Office.

Several passengers of a Skyline bus were injured when a truck carrying rocks collided with it at the intersection of Little Coyote Road and Lone Mountain Trail in the Meadow Village just after 8:45 a.m. 

A driver who was following another vehicle too closely on Lone Mountain Trail near the Big Sky Medical Center was stopped and issued a citation at around 12:50 p.m.

The owner of the dog that had been kicked by a man who had taken it for a walk the day before called deputies to report the dog had internal injuries and was urinating blood. The incident is under investigation.

A man spoke with a deputy about a bus accident he had witnessed in the Meadow Village earlier in the day. He reported that he has seen buses pull out in front of vehicles at that location before.

A brown leather couch was reportedly stolen from a Big Sky Resort hotel garage. Surveillance video of the thief was obtained; the case is under investigation.

A caller who stated at 11:45 p.m. that they were at a Gallatin Road bar where they had barricaded themselves reported that a 40-year-old man had attacked someone with a pool stick before running out of the bar towards the Gallatin River.

February 23, 2019

While checking on a vehicle that had slid off the roadway near the Exxon at 1:50 a.m. a deputy found that the driver was intoxicated. The driver was arrested and cited for a felony DUI (a fourth or subsequent offense), driving with a suspended license, and being a habitual offender. He was taken to jail with no bond.

The suspect of a criminal trespassing complaint on Jack Creek Road was located and cited for the offense. 

A North Fork Road resident reported that he’s been having “chronic” issues with trespassers using his driveway to park and turn around in. He provided deputies with the license plate information of one such driver; a deputy contacted them and issued a warning. 

A deputy located the owner of a vehicle that had been reported for trespassing. They were cited for the offense. 

The owner of a vehicle parked on a sidewalk explained the vehicle was there because the alternator had gone out. He was working to get it moved.

An intoxicated woman was successful in entering a Firelight Meadows unit at 10 p.m.  A deputy responded, speaking to the resident of the unit who stated that the woman went upstairs to sleep in a bedroom. The resident did not wish to pursue charges, they just wanted the woman gone. A deputy took the intoxicated woman home.

February 24, 2019

A woman and her mother were reportedly fighting at an Aspen Leaf Drive bar at around 12:15 a.m. The angry woman had a cut on her arm that was bleeding profusely. She was dancing; spreading blood everywhere. The woman was located outside the bar by a deputy, was no longer bleeding, and refused medical attention. 

A private security company provided deputies with a written statement detailing information regarding a someone who had trespassed in a gated community. They wanted the trespasser cited for the offense.

A woman notified deputies at 2:40 p.m. that she’d seen a white Toyota with Missouri license plates hit another vehicle and leave the scene. 

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