Blotter: July 11, 2019

Teenagers were putting fireworks in bathrooms…

July 1, 2019


Two breath test were conducted for court services.


A 911 misdialed occurred while the caller was working.


Concerns over specific people involved with business break-in were addressed.


A 911 misdial occurred at the Yellowstone Club.


A woman calling from Spanish Peaks requested assistance from security guards and mountain bikers concerning a mother bear and cubs on the roadway.


A man with a long board was reported to be disoriented and to have blood on his hands.


An exposed man lying in the grass was taken to the hospital at 7:19 p.m.


The cows are back!


An intoxicated woman was given a ride home.


Cows again!


July 2, 2019


A fax machine was the cause of a 911 misdial.


A person wanted to know what to do about items going missing over the past couple of years.


A man that returned to a hotel after exposing himself to the staff was cited for indecent exposure.


The owner of a dog running around the Community Park was searched for.


A deputy was able to calm an aggressive individual down at 5:33 p.m.


A traffic accident occurred at 5:54 p.m.


Accidental 911 called placed at the movies.


July 3, 2019


A window and door of a home were broken and concerns about kids in the neighborhood being the cause were brought up.


Homeowners had a break in occur while they were living elsewhere. They were concerned about this activity in their neighborhood.


A business owner having trouble with break-ins was followed up with.


A false burglary alarm was responded to at a jewelry store.


Deputies were notified of THE COWS near Greek Creek yet again.


Kids were lighting off fireworks at the Community Park at 3:58 p.m.


A phone in a golf bag misdialed 911.


July 4, 2019


At 5:04 a.m. a wreck happened near the bridge over the river at the Bozeman-side mouth of the canyon.


Extra patrol was requested around the Porcupine Creek trailhead.


Elk sheds were stolen from a business.


A missing child was reported, but thankfully he was just hiding under a bed and there was no problem.


Assistance was requested at Music in the Mountains for an elderly woman.


Teenagers were putting fireworks in bathrooms…


July 5, 2019


Two people were give a ride home post Fourth of July festivities.


Some “equipment” was staged in front of Soldier’s Chapel that property managers complained about.


A proper owner voiced concerns about a tenant to a deputy.


A truck was mysterious moved from concert parking to a bar and the caller reported not knowing this happened.


An aggressive driver almost hit the caller who was on a horseback.


An ongoing neighbor dispute led to damage to a motorhome and shed.


While driving a golf cart on public roadways without a low speed restricted driver’s license, a person was arrested for also having a warrant out for their arrest.


Deputies transported a person suffering with a mental health crisis to the Hope Center in Bozeman.


A bear was spotted in a driveway and FWP was contacted.


Another aggressive driver was passing on double yellows and ran a driver off the road while doing so.


A bike was stolen.


A person, angry with how a moving truck parked, moved the driver’s keys and spilled a Coke on the floorboards. 


A missing wallet and cell phone were reported.


After stopping a car driving 80-90 m.p.h. transporting a pregnant woman, a deputy drove the rest of the way to Big Sky Medical Center.


A couple crashed their car and called for assistance as they did not know where they were.


A collision with a deer occurred at 8:48 p.m.


A man was tased after being completely uncooperative with deputies while being intoxicated and possessing a gun.


A burglary alarm was deployed at 9:55 p.m.


July 6, 2019


A man throwing fireworks at someone’s house was issued a citation for theft and a trespass notice from the Resort.


After an argument, a son ran away from the campsite his family was staying at. A dog team located him after a missing person warning was implemented. 


A former employee of the Resort was loitering on Resort housing property.


A wallet was found and the owner was contacted.


A drunk driver was reported at 8:35 p.m.


A person reporting assault turned out to be the aggressor for the incident.


After a breakup, a person was considering suicide.


Another drunk driver swerved into oncoming traffic and drove off the road.


July 7, 2019


A patrol check was conducted on Big Pine Drive.


Deputies worked to resolve a family disturbance.


A woman reported her ex-boyfriend continuing to go to the church service she attends and following her after even though the courts told the man to avoid her.


A person parking in a handicapped spot and knocking over the designating sign was contacted.


A theft case was updated.


$900 was stolen from a locked safe.

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