What would a shooting response look like at the Big Sky School District?

Gallatin County Sheriff’s Department Deputy Travis Earl said the department’s plan is simple—to go straight into the school, find the active shooter and stop the threat as quickly as possible to keep the loss of life to a minimum. 

Earl said deputies go through annual active shooter training with firearm and defensive tactical teams. Gallatin County deputies discuss this training with school staff around the county, describing what law enforcement response would be and giving teachers and administration guidelines on what they can do to help save lives. 

School staff training is based on FEMA’s “Run, Hide, Fight” campaign, which states that if the shooter’s location is known, then get out of the area. If you can’t get out of the area, lock the door and hide or barricade yourselves. 

As a last resort only—if hiding is ineffective—attempt to incapacitate the shooter. 



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