Saturday, Oct. 6

Saturday, October 6, 2018 (All day)

1 p.m. Sculpture unveiling in the new Town Center Plaza

Montana artist Deborah Butterfield has driftwood-inspired statues on display around the world. But none are permanently displayed in Montana, until now. Head to the new Town Center Plaza to be part of the sculpture’s unveiling, as well as the announcement of the official name of the work of art. Stick around—a community street party to follow.

Horse clinic at 320 Guest Ranch

You will learn how to maximize your horse’s performance by learning how to catch their rhythm and the mechanics of a horse’s movement at all of their gaits. The clinic will teach riders how to become aware of their hands, legs and body. We will also go into detail on how to get a horse to accept cues, and how to read their body language and develop a partnership. We will teach how to ride mindfully and how to get a better broke horse. We will go in depth on how to gain flexion in a horse’s head and neck and collection in their body. Fees are $850 per person.


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Lone Peak Lookout

235 Snowy Mtn Circle
Big Sky, MT 59716

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