“The Match” to come to Big Sky

Capital One’s “The Match” to be played at The Reserve in Moonlight Basin

“The Match” is coming to Big Sky.

Unlike most sporting events covered by the Lookout, this is a national event. Capital One’s “The Match” will be broadcasted on Turner Sports or TNT. However, it is a local event because it is right here in our backyard. “The Match” will take place at The Reserve golf course in Moonlight Basin. For those of you who have not seen or heard about this event in the past, “The Match” is a series of golf match-ups that has taken multiple formats and usually features celebrity players in order to raise money for various causes.

There have been multiple editions of “The Match” throughout the years, including two editions in 2020.

The first of which was played last May at Medalist Golf Club near West Palm Beach, in Southern Florida. The round featured two teams of celebrities squaring off with one another. Former two-time Super Bowl Champion quarterback Peyton Manning and legendary golfer Tiger Woods teamed up against seven-time Super Bowl Champion quarterback Tom Brady and another legendary golfer in Phil Mickelson. Manning and Woods would win by one stroke on the last hole by a putt from Woods.

The version of “The Match” played last May was the first live nationally televised sporting event since the lockdown in March. The event gave people a break from endless reruns of games and tournaments on tv and provided our sportscrazed country a little taste of normalcy. The event also helped out our country by raising $20 million in Covid-19 relief funds.

The second of which was played last November at Stone Canyon Club near Tucson, Ariz. Manning played once again and teamed up with three-time NBA champion Stephen Curry against former basketball star Charles Barkley and Mickelson. Barkley and Mickelson managed to take hole 15 and close out the win over Manning and Curry. This version of “The Match” also raised a lot of money, but for a different cause. $5,455,000 was donated to Historically Black Colleges and Universities(HBCU’s) and over 3.5 million meals were donated to Feeding America.

This year’s version of “The Match” will feature two teams of celebrities once again. Brady and Mickelson will be facing off against Super Bowl Champion quarterback Aaron Rodgers and the 2020 U.S. Open champion, Bryson DeChambeau. “The Match” will raise more money for Feeding America, as well as other charity organizations to be named later (according to

Brady and Mickelson showed last spring that they were a force to be reckoned with. Although they did not win the May, 2020 edition of “The Match”, the tandem have become quite the golfing team. Both Brady and Mickelson are members of the Yellowstone Club and pair up to hit the links quite often, according to Though Brady’s golf game is not comparable to his talent on the football field, he has performed admirably in the past. Brady sports an 11 handicap, which means that his target score is 83, 11 strokes over par on a normal golf course. Mickelson’s credentials on the golf course have already been spoken for. The six major champion winner recently took home the PGA Championship and was the oldest player to ever win a major at age 50, according to

Rodgers and DeChambeau are a new pair on the other hand. There is no record of the two playing together in the past. However, by just looking at the numbers, Rodgers and DeChambeau will be heavily favored. Rodgers sports just a 4.6 handicap, which would come out to a target score of a 76 or 77, just four or five strokes over par on a normal golf course (according to thelines.come). Rodgers’ teammate Bryson DeChambeau has quickly become one of the main faces in golf. Known for his massive drives, the 2020 U.S. Open Champion seems to be a perfect fit for The Reserve golf course.

The Reserve at Moonlight Basin is a Jack Nicklaus designed course and is very difficult. The course features many long holes and steep cliffs and hills just 20 yards off of some fairways. The course is capped off by a 777 yard par 5 on hole 17. This hole seems much longer than it is however, because of the steep downhill fairways and the fact that the course is approximately 8000 feet in elevation.

“The Match” will take place Tuesday, July 6 at 3 p.m. and will be broadcasted on Turner Sports. Expect more coverage of “The Match” next week.

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