Young futbol players practice at the Big Sky Community Park on Aug. 7.

Are you ready for some futbol?

Co-ed youth soccer club comes to Big Sky

Grab your vuvuzelas, the world’s most popular sport is finally being offered as a club for Big Sky youth. Kim Dickerson and Tony Coppola, along with a number of other interested community members, have been working since the spring of 2018 to get a club established here, and in early August they were awarded nonprofit status.

     Dickerson, proud parent of two Ophir Middle School Miners, spoke to the Big Sky School District board of directors on Aug. 3, asking them to support the Big Sky Futbol Club. 

     “Otherwise known as soccer, to Americans,” she chuckled. “We are an International Baccalaureate school. What’s more international than this?”

     As club director and former coach of the sport, Dickerson was excited to announce the nonprofit status, and that the club will be associated with the Montana Youth Soccer Association. 

     “Our vision is to promote and foster the love of the international game of futbol for players ages four to 19 in the Big Sky community and surrounding areas,” she explained.

     Sixteen players have committed to playing on the inaugural “high school” (some eighth graders are included) co-ed team, eight girls and eight boys. Eight games are scheduled so far, the first on Sept. 8 and going through the month of October.

     Right now, Dickerson estimates around 80 kids are playing soccer, micro to competitive, from four years to 18 or 19 years old. 

     “And a lot of our families are commuting to Bozeman to do that,” she said. “But by forming this club, we are our own club. We are here, we are going to have coaches here, we are going to have practice here, and our goal down the line is to eventually host not just games but a Big Sky soccer tournament where people from all around can come up and play.”

     Since the BSSD is a small class C school system, fielding a soccer team isn’t easy. 

     “But these players will still be student athletes,” Dickerson told the board. “I can speak from personal experience because I was a student athlete, I played in high school and college, and to have the support of your school when you go and play, relieves a lot of stress on the athlete.”

     The board later expressed support for the club, recognizing that the day will come when the BSSD qualifies as a class B school, and that these club members could easily fold into already experienced, separate gender, fall soccer teams.

     Soccer fans can cheer on the new youth team at the only home game of the season, to be held at Big Sky Community Park on Tuesday, Sept. 25 at 5 p.m. against Petra Academy. 

THANK YOU! Big Sky Futbol Club Director Kim Dickerson would like to extend a huge thank you to the following families, individuals and businesses for their support in helping get Big Sky Futbol Club started. Go BIG SKY FC!—Anita Romine, Pete and Ellie Manka, Larry and Dana Wikan, Mike and Jenny Wilcynski, Vanessa Wilson, Tony Coppola, Jaci Clack, Peter Bedell, Steve and Renae Schumacher, Logan and Kim Dickerson, Jeanne Limoges-Lang, Peter and Suzan Brester, Shannon and Eric Becker, Heather and Matt Morris, John Romney, Joel Ganey, Anna Pierce, Alana McHugh, The Cabin Bar and Grill and Lone Peak Physical Therapy.
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