Emma Flach dribbles down the court. The 5’7” junior brought in 12 points during the December 20 home game, the most of any player on the team.Junior Nick Brester keeps it inbounds. Brester brought home four points for his team on December 20.Frankie Starz sinks one in on December 20. The 5’10” junior amassed 21 points during the Big Horns’ first home game of the season, the most points of any player on the team.Sophomore Ivy Hicks maneuvers past her Rebel opponent. Brooke Botha, far left, squashes her opponent’s attempt to make a basket. Botha, a senior measuring in at 6’2”, has been a defensive powerhouse for her team. She also scored two points during the December 20 game.

Home game heartache

Lone Peak Big Horns falls to Shields Valley Rebels
BOX SCORES: Girls – L Lone Peak: 4 8 11 7 Final: 30 Shield’s Valley: 9 10 8 6 Final: 33 Lone peak scorers: Emma Flach 12, Solae Swenson 10, Carly Wilson 4, Brooke Botha, Lyli McCarthy 2. Boys – L Lone Peak: 7 24 14 25 Final: 70 Shields Valley: 24 17 22 19 Final: 82 Lone Peak scorers: Frankie Starz 21, Austin Samuels, Kegan Babick 10, Kolya Bough 9, Cole March 7, Isaac Gilmore 5, Milosz Shipman, Nick Brester 4.

Lone Peak Big Horns fans showed up full force for their girls and boys varsity teams’ first home games of the season on December 20, spilling into visitor seating as all the spots began to fill on the home team’s side. Attendees seemed to agree – it might have been the biggest fan turnout they’d ever seen.

The varsity girls hit took to the court first, taking on the Shields Valley Rebels. While the game was a close one, the Big Horns ultimately lost in a close finale that seemed like it just might have gone their way, 30-33.

The Big Horn boys had their shot next, getting squashed by the Rebels early on but coming back to keep things close. At the half the Big Horns were only down by 10, even outscoring the Rebels in the fourth quarter bringing in 25 points to their 19, but the bitter end the final score was 70-82.

Following winter break the Big Horns will be back to compete on their home court, taking on Gardiner on January 3 and Twin Bridges on January 4.

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