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Dorsey Addicks makes her parents proud

It was mid-May and Rich Addicks had just gotten back to Big Sky after spending a month or so with his daughter, Dorsey, spectating golf tournaments in Florida and Georgia where she was trying to qualify for the LPGA tour. Then, during the May 14 LPGA qualifier, Rich got a call from Dorsey telling him to come back. 

     So Rich booked a ticket and re-joined his wife Lori for the big moments to come. In this photo, taken by Rich, Dorsey is giving a thumbs-up after her first, nerve-racking tee shot during the recent LPGA competition May 17-20 in Williamsburg, Va. She nailed it, and was all smiles along with her parents. 

     Her caddy, Glenn Badenhop, seems pleased as well. Following her first LPGA performance, Dorsey made it into the Valley Forge Invitational in Pottstown, Pa., but missed the cut. Still, she sees the experience as moving her in the right direction. 

     Dorsey has been playing golf since elementary school, and says it’s a sport she truly loves. 

     “Golf is a very punishing sport, but it’s also very rewarding, and that’s what keeps me coming back,” she said. “I enjoy it, and it’s always a challenge. Once you think you’ve got it figured out, golf always reminds you that you suck. And you always want to shoot the perfect round, but it’s never been done.” 

     To learn more about Dorsey’s golf career visit dorseyaddicks.com. —JP


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