For the love of volleyball

Impromptu volleyball league provides locals with some outdoor fun

“We just kind of show up and play,” is how Dounia Metje describes the impromptu volleyball at the Big Sky Community Park. Every Tuesday around 6 p.m. dozens of people flock to the beach volleyball court in Big Sky. Anywhere from 20 to 70 players show up every week to participate. The “league” is not organized by anyone, it is a league of the people. There is simply a mutual understanding to show each week to compete and meet new people, all for the love of volleyball.

Metje stressed that this league is truly for everyone in the community. The player's age ranges from elementary school kids all the way to people in their 50’s, “It is really for anybody in the community,” Metje said.

The “league” follows a simple set of rules each week. Everyone forms fair teams of six to play each week. For competitive purposes, teams are evenly matched, making sure that there is variation in skill level and age. From there each team plays games to 21 with a win and stay on format. Depending on the turnout they sometimes play a tournament format, crowning a new champion each week.

The “league” has been around for over a year. Many played last year, however it was very inconsistent, as were most things last year. This year the participation has increased significantly and is very consistent. Since the beginning of June at least 20 players have shown up every Tuesday to get in on the action. The turnout each Tuesday is very weather dependent. However Metje states that they have played in the rain and hail in the past, all for the love of the game. Most nights the action continues until it is impossible to see the ball, extending well past 10 p.m.

Metje believes that the “league” is beneficial to so many members of the community. Like most sports, it gives adults an opportunity to get out of their weekly routines, “It really gives everybody something to look forward to once a week,” Metje said.

The “league” is always encouraging new people to come out and enjoy the fun every Tuesday. “It’s really for everyone. It’s a fun opportunity to compete, get some sun, and play some volleyball,” Metje said.

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