Cameron Mceldowney turns at a gate.Cameron Ueland pours on the speed coming into a gate.

A strong showing

Big Sky girls dominate at Bridger

At the Bridger Bowl Shoot Out held March 1-3 the girls from the Big Sky alpine race team turned in a dominating performance.
On Friday the Big Sky Ski Education Foundation team placed eight racers in the top 15. On Sunday the ladies were even more impressive with 10 racers finishing in the top 15.
The next closest team, the Western Montana Race Team, placed three skiers in the top 15 on Friday. On Sunday only one other team, the Missoula Ski Education Foundation placed multiple skiers in the top 15 with two.

On Friday, March 1 the overall finishes for BSSEF were:

2: Franci St. Cyr 1:42:50

5: Winter Johnson 1:44:76

6: Hillary Davis 1:45:07

7: Gracie Carisch 1:46:40

8: Lili Brown 1:47:56

9: Skylar Manka 1:47:66

10: Chloe Unger 1:48:16

12: Carson Klug 1:48:98

In the individual age classes Franci St. Cyr took second as a U16 while Lili Brown and Skylar Manka placed first and second respectively in the U14 age bracket.

On Sunday, March 3 the overall finishes for BSSEF were:

3: Franci St. Cyr 1:43:05

5: Winter Johnson 1:44:57

6: Gracie Carisch 1:45:79

7: Hillary Davis 1:45:89

8: Brooke Brown 1:46:89

9: Lili Brown 1:48:48

10: Morgane Vap 1:48:94

11: Skylar Manka 1:49:30

12: Carson Klug 1:49:49

14: Drew Ditullio 1:50:15

Franci St. Cyr made the podium on Sunday with a third-place finish in the U16 bracket. Brooke and Lili Brown made the podium with second and third-place finishes respectively in the U14 bracket.
As well as the Brown sisters are racing things must be interesting at their house. Brooke Brown started 16th for the day while Lili started ninth. Brooke was able to make up enough time to best her older sister by a whisker.

On the boys’ side on Friday, March 1 BSSEF took three of the overall places out of the top four: 

2: Ryan Beatty 1:41:66

3: Luke Kirchmayr 1:44:57

4: Kjetil Hassman 1:45:18

Ryan Beatty was on the podium with a second-place finish in the U16 bracket while Luke Kirchmayr took third as a U16.
No results were available for the GS on Saturday nor the boys’ results on Sunday.
This race concluded the Norther Division races for the season. The racers are off next weekend but on March 13-17 the top U16 racers will be at Sun Valley for the Western Region U16 championship. The U16 boys going to Sun Valley are Ryan Beatty, Luke Kirchmayr, and Kjetil Hassman. The U16 girls going to Sun Valley are Franci St. Cyr, Gracie Carisch, and Hillary Davis. On March 21-24 Big Sky will host the Western Regional U14 championship. 
Jeremy Ueland, the program director for BSSEF was very proud of the Big Sky racers. “Our athletes have trained hard this year and it has been paying off in the races. They are committed to the sport through its ups and downs and doing so with their teammates,” Ueland said.
Congratulations to all the BSSEF team members for a very successful season.

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