Whipped into shape for new fishing season

Angler Ben Baker works the Gallatin River near the confluence of Hell Roaring Creek on Sunday, April 8. It was his first day out in 2018 and he counseled his fishing buddy to not let start-of-the-season rustiness cause them to “whip it too hard—you’ll lose your fly. You know that snapping sound? And your fly is suddenly gone?” 

     Baker said you have to let 

the momentum in your line build gracefully during the back cast, then fluidly unload forward across the water. Ideally, this will present your fly to hungry fish. On Sunday, Baker caught two rainbows using a rubber legs. 

     In anticipation of the coming runoff when the Gallatin will no longer be fishable, Baker was trying to get in as many casts as possible before the weather heats up. His company, Reworks, does high-end renovation and specialty building projects for clients from Bozeman to the Yellowstone Club. He’s also refurbishing a family cabin up Storm Castle Road, making the stretch between Hell Roaring and Storm Castle creeks a favorite and convenient place to fish. 



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