The LPC celebrate their league championship back in 2020 (Courtesy of the BSCO)

Play Ball!

The Big Sky adult softball league returns.

Fifteen teams will take the field for the 19th annual year of softball in Big Sky. Every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, four teams take the field at 6 p.m. and 7:15 p.m. at the Big Sky Community Park.

The Training Corner

Q: Hi Pat! I have been training since I enlisted in the U.S. Army back in 1976. As an entrepreneur of sorts with passions in life that continue to evolve, I am actually looking forward to the next couple decades.

The Training Corner

Q: Hi Pat! I am utterly confused about training for health and fitness. I was a three-sport athlete throughout high school, and did plenty of programs designed by coaches. Now I am 35, a wife and mother of two kids under 5, with an entirely different schedule and set of responsibilities.

The Training Corner

Q: Hi Pat! I have totally fallen off the wagon since COVID hit, 14 LONG months ago. I am in a management position, working remotely, with ESTPST time zone meetings. The job is challenging in a good way, but it comes with a weird blend of isolation and interruptions. My workout schedule has gone to pot.

The Training Corner

Q: Hi Pat! I am flat-out scheduled to the max right now. No, I am not whining, but I am concerned that my fitness is taking a dive. I’m a working wife and a mother of two, and new to this kids-sports-schedule thing.


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