Valentine's Day

Photo by Keely Larson

Valentine’s Day in Big Sky

Sugar highs from all ages are expected on Valentine’s Day, as are embellished, old shoe- boxes, Disney-themed sheets of Valentine’s made for the whole class, saving the special ones for those special someones, and cupcakes with too much frosting. Peel back a few layers and there are ample teaching opportunities to be found.

Roger Schwer and Marjie Toepffer – it may not have been true love at first sight per se, but the couple’s lives bound them together. Now, they celebrate a successful marriage and take pride in their contributions to the Big Sky community.

A classical love story

Roger Schwer and Marjie Toepffer’s story is one of resilience in the face of loss; hope in a time of uncertainty; and of faith in the renewing powers of love. They celebrate 12 years together, while jointly having nearly 100 years of marriage between them.

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