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Lee Winters on his sailboat Jargo during his journey around the world. A $40 gift in Cuba might have set up an entrepreneur with a business and saved a family from poverty. PHOTO COURTESY OF LEE WINTERS

Changing lives for under $50

Lee Winters circumnavigated the globe solo on a 39-foot sailboat called Jargo, named after the horse that saved his grandparents during a flash flood. The consummate entrepreneur, his pursuits have ranged from inventions, to farming, to soy protein packing and now to real estate investment with Spanish Moss Home Buyers in Savannah, Ga.

Gallatin County Sheriff ’s Office Search and Rescue Volunteers used a snow ambulance near Yellowstone National Park over Christmas break to get an injured snowmobiler help. PHOTO COURTESY GALLATIN COUNTY

No rest for Search & Rescue

When humans head to the wilderness, things can happen quickly. Weather shifts, lightning strikes, animals attack. This is not to say that nature has antipathy for humans, but more apathy. That might even be part of the appeal for outdoor enthusiasts – a thrill.


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