BSSEF kids enjoy the snow in winter 2019-2020 season. PHOTO BSSEF

A close victory for Big Sky Ski Education Foundation

License plates saved for another year

The Big Sky Ski Education Foundation (BSSEF) speciality license plate survived the July 1 chopping block when dozens of license plates for other nonprofits did not. As BSSEF program director Jeremy Ueland said the number of speciality plate options at the Department of Motor Vehicles has become extensive – a couple of hundred at least. Although a solid fundraising option for nonprofits, all those plates have likely become onerous to the state.

The legislature attempted to keep the number of specialty license plates in check in a few ways using Montana Code Annotated 61-3-474, one stipulation was that if “any time after 3 years following the date of the initial distribution of the sponsored generic specialty license plate, there are fewer than 400 sets of the sponsored generic specialty license plate with a current registration” that generic speciality license plate will be revoked.

The state provided a grace period until July 1 to get the number of license plates up to 400. BSSEF squeaked in with exactly that number by deadline.

“Thanks to those who went and got license plates that helped save it for another year – and hopefully we will continue to get more,” Ueland said.

The 27 year old organization’s speciality license plate – now offered for nearly seven years – helps with funding so that the club can continue offering competitive alpine, nordic and freeride skiing programs for kids.

Ueland watched as the numbers fluctuated the last weeks and days – often being lower than the 400 – before that final surge just before deadline. He is hoping that folks will help the organization out this next year – and save him some personal stress – by providing a bit of a cushion.

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For more details about the plates, read this article.

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