A look at the beautiful Crail Ranch garden, the site of the Trout-Friendly Landscape Tour. PHOTO BY AUSTIN SAMUELS

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Gallatin River Task Force to hold many educational events throughout the summer

Need tips on maintaining an eco-friendly garden? The Gallatin River Task Force is here to help.

The Task Force will be holding a trout-friendly landscape tour on Tuesday, June 29 to teach you about just that. The Gallatin River Task Force is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to monitoring and protecting the health of the Gallatin River and the species that inhabit it. The Task Force will be partnering with the Gallatin Invasive Species Alliance to talk about ecoscaping and trout-friendly landscaping.

The tour’s goal is to help community members make their lawns and landscapes more beneficial to trout and other species through eco-friendly gardening practices. These tips and techniques will be showcased in the Crail Ranch garden, which is a demo-garden for the community. The tour is a smaller piece of the task force’s Gallatin Stream Side series. The Stream Side series takes place most Tuesday afternoons throughout the summer, in locations throughout the greater Big Sky community. The activities of the series include anything from stewardship to recreational activities, with the sole purpose of getting the community involved, “anything to get people engaged with the river in some way shape or form,” Big Sky Watershed Corps Member Jessica Olson said.

Events such as the Stream Side series are instrumental for organizations such as the Gallatin River Task Force, states Olson. “Being able to have that one on one connection with the community is really important for us,” said Olson.

However, the Stream Side series is just part of the Task Force’s efforts going forward this summer. As they have done in past years, the Task Force will continue to dig into the algae bloom problem on the Gallatin, by monitoring it and figuring out what they can do to help. Also, they plan to hold their annual Runoff Cleanoff event toward the end of the summer as well. The event will help to clean up Big Sky’s parks and trails to allow for community enjoyment year round.

The Gallatin River Task Force is always looking for volunteers going forward, especially during this busy summer season. “Getting out and volunteering, not just for the Task Force, is such a great way to engage in the community and help out in your own backyard,” said Olson.

If you are interested in volunteering with the Gallatin River Task Force in the future, visit their website at https://www.gallatinrivertaskforce.org/ volunteer/.

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