A new logo for a new organization. Big Sky Sustainability Network Organization Chairman Josh Treasure said the organization would not exist without the help of Candace Carr Strauss and Visit Big Sky. PHOTO COURTESY JOSH TREASURE

Young organization makes strides

Recycling bins, sustainability and the quest for Mountain IDEAL Certification

Big Sky will soon have new recycling bins at Fire Pit Park, the Wilson Hotel Plaza and the Big Sky Community Organization Park. These recycling bins will be for aluminum, plastic, trash and compost.

This is one element of a larger goal of the fledgling Big Sky Sustainability Network Organization (Big Sky SNO).

It started with Josh Treasure, Jessie Weis and Erik Morrison observing a startling lack of recycling or sustainability initiatives a couple of years ago. Then, Big Sky Chamber of Commerce and Visit Big Sky CEO Candace Carr Strauss asked Treasure to start a sustainability committee with Visit Big Sky. Needing to be a 501c3 for funding, the group launched on its own three months ago.

“This is actually the first non profit I’ve started from the ground up. You have to get a plan in place, get community support, raise funds, and vote for the use of the funds. It takes more time than the private sector but it is all for the greater good, so it’s worth the time and energy,” Treasure said, noting how fortunate he feels that the board has seasoned non-profit professionals.

Now composed of board members Ciara Wolfe, Blair Mohn, Marne Hayes, Ania Bulis, Matt Pellman and Treasure, there are an additional 26 committee members donating their time.

More volunteers are needed – including an additional board member.

“We’ll be happy to put people to work however they want to work: if they want to donate 30 minutes a week or 40 hours a week,we will take what we can get,” he said.

The group’s major initiative is the Mountain Ideal Certification, which is a distinction only currently held by Vail. The certification allows for qualifying mountain resort communities to become globally recognized as certified sustainable destinations.

Patrick Miller and Blair Mohn have been hard at work gathering data to assist in that quest. Treasure notes that it is the people and organizations that have rallied behind a greener Big Sky which have made these steps possible.

Anyone interested in participating should email bbmgreen@mac.com

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