WMPAC transforms into interactive game experience

Like the rest of the world, Big Sky’s Warren Miller Performing Arts Center has had to adapt to an entirely different world during the pandemic. For an arts venue predicated on being a community gathering place, that’s looked like inventing new ways for people to come together safely (and often virtually) for arts experiences.

Their newest project is certainly the most unusual in the center’s eight year history, but also might be the most fun.

From Feb. 10th-24th, WMPAC will transform itself into a largescale interactive game, akin to an escape room. The game is called Through the Fourth Wall, and was designed in part by the same creative team that created Big Sky Resort’s own escape room last year.

“I think the idea of an immersive, life-size game where you are the protagonist is pretty novel,” said director Jason McDowell-Green, who has designed numerous escape rooms around the country, including Big Sky’s. “You’re immersed in a completed environment where they’ve completed a world for you that you actually get to walk into is something you can’t really experience on a screen.”

The game is designed for one pod of four to eight people at a time. When your group arrives at the theater, you’ll be treated to refreshments from the Hungry Moose, and then will kick off the experience. The creative team will be offstage to give hints to the puzzles if needed, but guests will have the theater entirely to themselves. The game is accessible for all ages, and is designed to last an hour.

“This is a perfect experience for families or a pod of friends,” said John Zirkle, WMPAC’s executive director. “It’s a completely unique night out, and definitely unlike anything any of us have done for the past year.”

Creative team Jason McDowell-Green, Maya Davis, Alejandro Fajardo, and Ben Truppin-Brown have been in Big Sky this past week constructing the set, which incorporates WMPAC’s state of the art lighting and sound systems as guests unlock each new puzzle.

Timeslots are available at 5 p.m., 7 p.m., and 9 p.m. Tuesdays through Sundays from Feb. 10th-24th. The game will be reset and the theater fully sanitized in between groups. Groups can be four to eight people, and tickets for each timeslot are $100, regardless of group size.

Tickets and more information are available at https://warrenmillerpac.org.

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