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Williams will beat body slammer

Five minutes after I heard Kathleen Williams had announced her bid to replace Greg Gianforte in Congress, I called and gave her my full, unqualified and enthusiastic support.

Denise Wade and Andrea Saari—the guides behind the newly launched Big Sky Adventures & Tours.

A fresh set of eyes


If you ask Denise Wade what her favorite place in Yellowstone National Park is, she’d be hard pressed to tell you.  “If I told ya I’d have to kill ya,” she jokes, since as many know, favorite spots in the 2.2 million-acre park usually have the least people around. 


Why in the world would anyone get into the newspaper business these days?  

     We’ve been publishing the “new” Lone Peak Lookout since last December, and it’s time we told you why we’re back or why you might care.

Is that a rodent skull on your head? Both Drew and fellow tattoo artist James Clark have an homage to the groundhog on their skulls. But, like many designs, the quirky tattoo has a deeper meaning.

It’s a personal thing

There’s a groundhog skull tattooed on the heads of both Drew Clendenin and James Clark. One might think the two lost a bet, but they’d be wrong. The giant rodent skulls are actually tributes to loved ones. For Clark, his niece, and Clendenin, it’s for his recently born daughter. But, why a groundhog skull? 


A request for approval of the Meadowview Condominium Development has been made to the Gallatin County Commissioners. This development is for a 52-unit residential “workforce housing” condominium subdivision located in Big Sky north of Little Coyote Road behind the tennis courts and ball fields.

[L to R] Big Sky Community Organization Director Ciara Wolfe, Discovery Academy seventh grader Kjetil Hassman, Erika Pankow Scholarship board member Odie Loomis, Discovery Academy eighth-grader Nate McClain and Discovery Academy middle school teacher and mentor Chris Corona. 

Finding their way

The memory and tenacious spirit of Erika Pankow lives on through Big Sky Discovery Academy middle schoolers Nate McLain and Kjetil Hassman—The pair of outdoor-minded students are the latest recipients of the Erika Pankow Scholarship.


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