The Gallatin River Task Force works to protect the Gallatin River through habitat restoration, water conservation and community education. PHOTO COURTESY OF ISABELLA VENDDRAMIN

BBQ Kickoff

Gallatin River Task Force lines up volunteer opportunities for the summer

Perhaps we are at the point where the continuum of community gatherings, social events and volunteer opportunities have moved past the year-plus cancellation period due to Covid.

The Gallatin River Task Force (GRTF) is holding its usually annual, save last year, volunteer kickoff BBQ to gather those interested in Earth-friendly activities and let them know what GRTF has cooking this summer, “Because we have plenty,” Isabella Vendramin, operations association for GRTF, said regarding volunteer opportunities.

The list includes water monitoring events, algae sampling, watering the recently planted trees near the Upper Deer Creek restoration project and, of course, the Gallatin River Cleanup.

“That requires a lot of people as well,” Vendramin said about the Gallatin River Cleanup, and it is also kind of a big party, in a sense. A team leader gathers people together, the group is assigned a section of the river and they spend the day cleaning it. Prizes are awarded at the end for the most unusual find (couches, bed frames, you name it) and some tasty eats are provided afterwards.

Some volunteer opportunities are still getting finalized, but this kickoff BBQ serves as a way of getting the information to the community, but also connecting like-minded individuals and introducing them to Task Force staff, board members and long-standing volunteers.
“We always like to get the community involved just to see kind of what we do, where most of our science and work comes from,” Vendramin said.

Vendramin moved to Big Sky from New York and interned for GRTF in April 2019, spending time volunteering during visits to Big Sky prior to that.

“I had visited Big Sky quite a few times and I was also an environmental studies major in college so I thought it would be a great idea to reach out to the Task Force and see if they have any internship opportunities for me,” she said.

She loved the internship, to say the least, and ended up working full-time for the Task Force in April.

The kickoff BBQ is scheduled for June 3 from 5 p.m.- 7 p.m. at the River Pavilion at the Big Sky Community Park. RSVP at

“People love the Gallatin and being in the river and volunteering around the river is kind of a fun thing to do,” Vendramin said.


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