Beer bottle buttons, an airplane bottle smile, a bucket with an innertube inflated around it for the hat are just a few examples of the group’s creativity. PHOTO BY JANA BOUNDS

Covid man

A quarantine inspired mega snowman

An imposing figure is tucked in a corner of Ramshorn View Estates – standing a full 10 feet tall with beer bottle buttons, an airplane bottle smile, and a corncob pipe made out of a Beehive Brewery crowler can. The colossal Covid Man raises his Willie’s Distillery bottle to the sky with his ski arm. It is as if he is suggesting a toast to sunshine, blue skies, fresh air – and the humans who were bored enough to create him. Austin “Auz” Christensen, Kristin Dowd and Cody Rapp explained the name Covid Man is fitting since they have been under quarantine.

Rapp said they would normally be skiing.

“But we couldn’t so we just had to hunker down, keep safe and do something cool,” Christensen said.

Sure, they could have holed-up and watched Netflix like most of the rest of the people in the world required to isolate, but that is not how any of them work. Adults and children alike went stir crazy in the house. They are people who are used to activity and adventure. Respectful of the process, they are doing it right, keeping their distance from everyone else while also having a bit of fun and showcasing some good ol’ fashioned Montana–style ingenuity.

“The body was one big pile of snow because we shoveled the roof, then we shaved that. The head, we made a big pile of snow and carved it round. We had an extension ladder on the back side, we put the head on a sled, then we had a 4-wheeler with a winch on it that was pulling it with two of us on the back holding it and Kristin running the winch,” Christensen said.

Rapp said that they snapped the ladder on the first attempt and had to put it back together.

As Christensen pointed-out, Covid Man is all hand done “besides winching the head on with Brad Tidwell’s 4-wheeler.”

That part of the creation really took some engineering, the group explained.

Though they all tested positive it did not hit them very hard and they will finish quarantine the same day as publication. Once they decided to build a snowman it just kind of spiraled out of control from there.

“We did one thing, then the next day some more things and then we were in it and just had to go full send and complete the project,” Christensen explained.

The girls helped, well Maddison did by carrying blocks of snow. Young Remi just kind of clamored up and slid down the back side.

In all, it took them three days of solid labor removing snow from the roof, and then maneuvering and shaping it. They also had to figure out what tools from the kitchen, recycling and the garage could function on Covid Man.

Their neighbor Chris Wilson said it is easily the biggest snowman he has ever seen.

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