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Voters speak out about who they support

Williams will beat body slammer

Five minutes after I heard Kathleen Williams had announced her bid to replace Greg Gianforte in Congress, I called and gave her my full, unqualified and enthusiastic support.

As speaker of the Montana House, I observed and worked with hundreds of legislators on both sides of the aisle. While I never served with Kathleen, I followed her legislative efforts closely during the three terms she served.

     She impressed me from the get go with her smarts, resolve, common sense and readiness to work with both Democrats and Republicans to get good things done, especially on healthcare.

     Experience in politics often gets a bad rap these days, but when it comes to being an effective legislator in a highly partisan political environment, experience matters!

     Kathleen is the only competitive candidate in the Democratic primary with legislative experience. Opponents Grant Kier and John Heenan have zero legislative experience and are running for their first elected office.

     Kathleen, on the other hand, has “paid her dues.” She’s been tested under fire in the Montana House and proven she can take the heat. She’ll bring that same strength and fortitude to Congress.

     Kathleen Williams has what it takes to be Montana’s next congresswoman.

                John Vincent

                Gallatin Gateway


Downing Trumpiest of candidates

I am second generation in politics in Billings and have been involved 40-plus years, on both sides of the political aisle. In all the 40-plus years, I have never met or supported a candidate that connects ALL the dots like Troy Downing does.

     If you like Trump, you will love Troy Downing!

     Here are a few reasons why:

     He is not a career politician and not beholding to any special interests or PACs.

     He has built businesses in real estate (really knows Dodd-Frank), insurance (has a securities license) with his start in high-tech, merging his startup with Yahoo! in the late ’90s, has an export business (knows firsthand about tariffs).

     He is a U.S. Air Force combat veteran who served two tours in Afghanistan in a combat search and rescue squadron because he loves America.

     He 100 percent believes in protecting the sanctity of life.

     He even happens to be a talented musician.

     He supports President Donald Trump’ s “America First” agenda. 

     Please join me in voting for Troy Downing, the conservative voice Montana deserves.

     He is the one that can beat Tester—making America great!

Judy Crabtree Trenka



Woods backs Heenan

The good news is that ALL of the Democrats who are in the Democratic primary for Congress are people who I respect and agree with on many issues such as social justice for all, women’s rights, public lands and LGBTQ rights. I will support ANY one of them in the general election against Congressman Greg Gianforte. Period. 

     With that said, I am endorsing the candidate who has taken action on what I believe to be the central political problem we face as a nation: the influence of corporate money on government. That candidate is John Heenan. Not only has he refused to accept corporate PAC money, in the recent past he volunteered to prosecute those people who were using “dark money” to influence state races for the Legislature. Those actions speak loudly to me.

     I am endorsing John Heenan in the Democratic primary also because he speaks an economic message that comes from the heart of Democratic values. Like many of us, Mr. Heenan believes that our Congress should be working towards increasing the minimum wage, meaningful healthcare reform and protecting Social Security. In short, we need to have a government that is run by people and working for the people. 

 Rep. Tom Woods

HD 62, Bozeman


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