In a GoFundMe update from about a month ago it was reported that Greene’s staples were out, and he was facing his upcoming, four-day-a-week physical therapy routine with the positive attitude he’s known for.If you don’t know him personally, you might just recognize Dan Greene for his role in the hilarious short film he starred in a few years back, “Higher Love.” Greene was involved in a car accident recently, and while he’s on the mend, he could use some help with the costs of recovery.

Local skier, fisherman and all around good guy needs your help

Fundraiser for Dan Greene to take place Oct. 6

Back in 2014, Dan Greene achieved ski town movie fame with his role in “Higher Love—Love and Danger in Big Sky,” a hilarious short film created for Lone Peak Cinema’s Big Sky Shootout. Thanks to Greene’s spot-on “dirtbag” antics, and of course the filmmakers’ and the other actors’ skills, the film won the contest and has been viewed thousands of times online. If you haven’t seen it, just search “Higher Love Big Sky,” it’ll pop up.

Greene also made a name for himself in Big Sky via his serious skills on skis, collecting many friends along the way. His pals and acquaintances were shocked when they heard recently that Greene was involved in a car accident. It left him with a shattered tibia/fibula, a compound femur fracture, a ball joint broken off at the hip and a head injury requiring 50 stitches. Invoking Greene’s positive attitude and love of laughter, some joked they’d expected that sort of a result from a mishap on skis rather than a car accident.

Thankfully, Greene is currently recovering from his injuries. As soon as his friends and family learned of Greene’s accident, a GoFundMe site was set up, and nearly $9,000 has been raised. But more is still needed. 

Another opportunity to support Greene in his recovery will take place at the Cinema on Oct. 6 at 7 p.m. The community is invited for an evening of local videos, live music and more, along with the opportunity to donate to Greene’s recovery fund.

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