Erika Frounfelker Abigail Villeneuve


Erika Frounfelker & Abigail Villeneuve

Abby and Erika represent the counseling team here at the Big Sky School District. They are both tireless workers with a 110 percent focus on students. This week, they both have worked really hard to bring the Kindness Challenge to the Big Sky community.

The Kindness Challenge is a week when all schools are called upon to celebrate kindness in their communities. 2018 marks the second year in a row that we have participated in this national event. Both Erika and Abby worked to reflect on 2017’s activities and plan new and exciting activities for the students and the community. 

The commitment that these two show for our students’ wellbeing is how great school systems and great communities are built. While the Kindness Challenge is a big undertaking, on a day-to-day basis, these two are constantly engaging our students, families and teachers to make the learning experience the most successful it can be for our community. Thanks for all you do for our students Erika and Abby. 



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