That’s Cowboy Heaven, right? As seen in this screen grab from the commercial.


Attention Hyundai drivers: Doughnuts are not encouraged at Moonlight

It’s that time of year when Montana families gather around a brightly lit and festive center piece in the living room: the television. A recent article from called out Montanans in particular, reporting that in 2017, “Montana takes the title of No. 1 Hulu streaming state, which is a first for Big Sky Country! The state stole the crown for the ‘most hours streamed, per subscriber’ from Wisconsin, which held the top spot for the previous two years. North Dakota took second in 2017, followed by Idaho, Alaska and Wyoming. 

This year’s biggest single Hulu junkie is an unnamed, and presumably misanthropic person, who “watched 48 times more hours than the average viewer,” according to “Cheers to this superior streamer who watched way more hours of content than the average Hulu viewer, including 654 movies and 195 different TV series.”

When Big Sky residents settle in with loved ones around the TV this holiday they shouldn’t ignore the commercials or get up to refill their eggnog. Instead, watch carefully for a Hyundai ad currently airing and see if you can name all the locations that appear in the 30-second spot. 

The commercial is titled “Naughty or Nice” and it was produced by Innocean out of Huntington Beach, Calif. The spot begins with a 2018 Hyundai Elantra SE descending a snowy road in what appears to be Cowboy Heaven with the Challenger Lift barely visible at the top of the frame. Viewers are then treated to a charming, clear shot of Town Center by
the fire pit. From there, it’s time to do some “naughty” doughnuts in the snow up at Moonlight Basin. 

The voiceover then kicks in, saying “Naughty or nice, we don’t judge.” The background music switches between Tony Bennett singing “Winter Wonderland” and a punk version of this same holiday classic by the band Sihasin.

There are more Big Sky location cameos: Firelight Meadows and the north face of Lone Mountain. It all comes together as a compelling visual plug for this community, though the locations are never identified in the ad. 

But making a winter wonderland somewhat mysterious has a certain appeal. Take the Yellowstone Club, which in 2016 was profiled by in a piece that set out to explain why the place was so popular with the rich, famous and well-connected. The article name dropped former Vice President Dan Quayle, Google’s Eric Schmidt and NBCUniversal CEO Steve Burke. 

This month, CNN broke trail into similar territory with an online article titled, “Private stash: The world’s best exclusive ski resorts.” The YC led the list and this put the Club in distinguished company. Other notably exclusive areas include: the Hermitage Club in Vermont and the Cimarron Mountain Club in Colorado. 


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